Authorities Restrain 10 Suspected Illegal Migrants Over Alleged Child Pornography: REPORT

Authorities reportedly restrained 10 suspected illegal migrants in Texas Thursday morning over their alleged involvement with child pornography.

Officials from multiple law enforcement agencies apprehended the suspects who were accused of downloading child pornography from an address in Baytown, according to Fox 26.

Photos posted by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook show the 10 suspects sitting with their hands behind their backs in a line across the driveway of a house in the area.

Investigators used an evidence search warrant to look through the residence after receiving a tip from the Internet Crimes Against Children database alleging that child pornography was downloaded from the address, Fox 26 reported. Officers had to force entry into the house after its occupants allegedly refused to answer the door, according to authorities.

“Those types of downloads are illegal and heavily monitored,” Captain Bryan Baker of the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office said of the alleged child pornography.

Forensic investigators located and seized various electronic devices at the house, according to the outlet. However, it has not yet been disclosed if child pornography was present on these devices. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show Police Take Down Woman Part Of ‘Unruly’ Illegal Migrant Mob)

The people inside the property were all suspected to be illegal migrants. Some suspects were of Asian descent, while others were from Guatemala, the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office said.

“Once inside, 10 individuals were located that are believed to be here in the U.S. illegally. Homeland Security responded to the scene to assist with the investigation,” the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

The homeowner or lessee of the property was not present during the incident, detectives say, according to Fox 26. However, one person was seen quickly leaving the scene in a vehicle as authorities arrived. Neighbors reportedly said the owner of the house was present earlier at the scene.