Average Monthly Mortgage Payment Explodes to $3,322 In Biden’s America

The average monthly mortgage payment in the US under President Joe Biden has jumped to $3,322, according to the analysis. wall street journal.

This $3,322 is nearly double the average monthly mortgage payment when his fraud took office. When former President Trump left office, the average monthly mortgage payment was $1,787.

“Homeownership has become a pipe dream for more Americans.” write of WSJ“even those who could afford it just a few years ago.”

“Many prospective buyers were already feeling the pinch from rapidly rising home prices during the pandemic, but at least mortgage rates were low,” the report added. “A lot of people are about to give up because they're so high right now.”

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But let's remember who are the people who are entering this world. housing marketYoung people. And who will young people overwhelmingly vote for? Democratic Party. So welcome to today's “People Get What They Vote For” article.

Buying a home is now cheaper than at any time in recent history, and that math isn't going to change anytime soon. Home prices are not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels. The Fed began aggressively raising interest rates early last year in an effort to curb inflation, but has shown little interest in cutting rates. Mortgage rates fell last week to about 7%, the lowest level in months, but are still more than double what they were two years ago.

This is good news for me. My wife and I purchased her home in 1997. Then we worked hard and saved more to pay him off by 2003. Since then, we've been saving money for retirement, but now that we're at a certain age, that's no longer the case. To weather the stock market downturn, we were wise to take advantage of this wonderfully high interest rate that Democrats voted for. Our money is now securely held in a safe and profitable account that is working well for us. Thank you, Noshuku Zoomers!

Ah, but you can't buy a house just because you voted Democrat. Please cry more.

These obnoxiously high mortgage payments aren't just due to Bidenflation caused by his crook's crazy government spending. There are other factors as well…

Let this be a mystery to those who vote Democrat and are spending all their rent money because they can't afford to buy a house. What will happen to the housing market if the president opens the southern border to millions of illegal immigrants? Aliens in need of a place to live? Think about it now…Is it possible that people have a limited amount of what they want, yet millions more people who want it flood into a country? …? Yes, you're right, dummy, the cost of what people want will explode, and what people want will become increasingly rare. And now you want it, but you can't get it because you're a dummy.

The second factor is this…Democrats hate single-family homes. This is why they use climate change to justify blocking new housing construction. Democrats want to cram us all into giant government housing complexes in cities. By the way, they make there's no secret Of this.

The last element is this…this is all Intentionally,dummy. Democrats know that crazy government spending creates crazy inflation, and crazy inflation destroys purchasing power and creates high interest rates that make it impossible for the middle class to buy a home. Democrats also know that the influx of millions of illegal aliens into a country already facing a housing crisis caused by environmental lies will cause housing costs to explode.

Democrats don't want you to own anything. especially House. My belief is that you can be happy without owning anything. This also means that the middle and working classes will never be able to gain wealth, as they can only gain wealth through home ownership. And when I say “wealth,” I don't mean rich. Trust me, no one would call us rich even though my wife and I have worked hard and smart. But we have a retirement nest egg that makes us more comfortable than Social Security.

By design, Democrats and their multinational corporate allies are competing like bandits in a non-property society. You're dependent on the government for the rest of your life, including your house (wake up, dummy), your car, your music, your movies, your TV shows, your radio, your computer operating system, and all the other devilish subscriptions they lock you into. tion services (coffee, meals, cosmetics, car wash, perfume, veterinary care!).

So keep voting Democrat, dummy. My nose has no skin. It's ready. And I enjoy his 5.5% APR guarantee almost as much as Terjaso.


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