AWS looks to help small and medium businesses leverage AI tools

Improved accessibility and refinement Artificial intelligence (AI) These tools make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to reap the benefits of technology that has long been largely the domain of large enterprises.

Ben Schreiner, Head of Innovation for Small Business Amazon Web Services (AWS)told FOX Business that AWS is leveraging its experience “helping develop machine learning practices, from predicting to automating robots in fulfillment centers” to make AI tools easier for small businesses. He said he does. He said AWS is “really committed to democratizing access to this cutting-edge technology that we consider revolutionary.”

“In most industries, it is small businesses that are disrupting. It is usually small businesses that are disruptive, not large businesses. I think,” he explained. .

Schreiner said it’s important for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to identify the business problems they want AI to solve before experimenting with solutions that may not be right for them and lead to loss of time and money. said it is.

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Ben Schreiner, head of innovation for small businesses at Amazon Web Services (AWS), told Fox Business that when companies consider AI tools, they should work backwards from the problem they want to solve. Ta. ((Photo credit: Eóin Noonan/Web Summit Rio Sportsfile via Getty Images) / Getty Images)

“Our conversation quickly turns to what business problem we are trying to solve. , it costs a lot of money, or it’s my favorite problem: What are your customers most frustrated with?”

“If we can solve any of these three problems, whether it’s AI, [machine learning] “This tool is really irrelevant to the problem you’re trying to solve,” Schreiner said. With the right tools for the work you’re focused on, you can achieve some degree of success, whether it’s saving money, saving time, or solving a customer’s problem. “

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AWS has tools that allow you to leverage the data belonging to your small business to gain insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning. (Reuters/Reuters Photo)

SMEs should “work backwards from the real problem,” he said, so it’s much easier to justify the investment of time and find the right model for that particular problem. It will be like that,” he explained.

Schreiner said it was a “misconception” that small businesses needed data scientists to take advantage of AI tools, adding, “Historically, you’ve never had an IT staff or data scientists of the same size. I think AI has been pretty intimidating for this side of the deaf market,” he added. The technical depth that a large financial services company or software company would have. “

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To get the most out of data analytics powered by AI and machine learning, Schreiner stressed that small business leaders need to be aware of where their data comes from, because “models are only as good as the data they have access to.” did. “Rarely, but most of the time, we don’t get your data, we don’t know your products, we don’t know your customers. It’s about bringing it in. It’s not about turning customer data into a model.”

“It’s the old saying, ‘Garbage in, garbage out.’ Most small businesses should honestly start by getting their data in the right format,” Schreiner said. said. “I think a lot of small businesses want to skip the data step, but it’s not easy to do that because the model is hallucinating or giving the wrong answer because it’s not working so well. I think you’ll find out “Information. “

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Amazon Web Services

Schreiner said small businesses need to ensure their data is used safely as they turn to AI tools. ((Photo credit: Eóin Noonan/Web Summit Rio Sportsfile via Getty Images) / Getty Images)

He also said that as small businesses look to glean insights from AI and machine learning tools that analyze corporate data, they need to ensure their data is used safely.

“I urge managers and leaders to protect their data and ensure that it is not submitted to them or disclosed in any way so that it can be used in unintended ways and possibly be held liable. I advise you to be careful,” Schreiner explained. “So having control over your data and having control over your security are very important considerations for small businesses.”

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Schreiner said customer support tools like chatbots will be more effective for both businesses and consumers when it comes to AI use cases, where technology will be most advanced in the future. Humans in customer support roles, however, who believe they are unlikely to be a complete replacement for AI.

“I think chatbots, avatars, what they support, all of these things will dramatically change the way we interact with customers, because models allow artificial intelligence to work more effectively and efficiently,” Schuh said. Reiner said. “With the old chatbot, you had to ask a very specific question to get a very specific answer, and if you asked a question that wasn’t exactly correct, you would often get an invalid response.”


“I think this advancement will make them more real, more human, more conversational, and I think that will change customer support as well,” he added. “I don’t think this will eliminate customer support. Just to be clear, I don’t think this will replace my job, but customer support will answer the most frequently asked questions because the bots will do all of the FAQs. I don’t think so.” Your support will be Level 2 support. This requires digging deep to explore and really understand some of the intricacies that are beyond what the model can do at the moment. “

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