AZ House Censures Dem Rep. Caught Hiding Bibles ‘in Response to the Weaponizing of Religion in Politics’

The Arizona legislature on Tuesday accused lawmakers of security cameras of Rep. .

Lawmakers have begun to notice Bibles left in lounges for members’ use are missing, Breitbart News report.

A security guard at the house set up a camera to track down the culprit. Hamilton, who was ordained a Presbyterian minister, was caught on camera hiding a Bible under a sofa cushion, according to NPR, “her own pastor described it as a ‘thoughtless prank’. Was” report.

Another Bible was found under a cushion and another in the lounge refrigerator, although the camera does not appear to have captured them.

According to the paper, Stahl Hamilton claimed she hid the Bible as a “protest against the weaponization of religion in politics,” adding, “Ms Stahl Hamilton’s lawyers said in a formal written response to an ethical complaint against her. wrote that her actions were a peaceful protest.” “As a response to the weaponization of religion in politics.”

However, many of her colleagues did not find her “pranks” amusing.

“It was very unsettling and uncomfortable for me that I could have been sitting on the Bible, and if it was the Koran and the Muslims sitting on it, I would be like that.” I just want to say that I can sympathize with them about the situation, and it’s just as unsettling for them,” Republican Rep. Rachel Jones said. Said Fox series. “I believe that many of our Christian members here could empathize with other members of other faiths if something like this had happened.”

House Ethics Committee Convicts Hamilton of Violating House Rules, Calls Her Behavior “Disrespectful” and “Disorderly,” Fox 10 Phoenix report. The House voted to expel her, but it was defeated by a vote of 30-28. Congress needed a two-thirds majority to remove her from office.

“Now they respect all religions, but all I saw in that lounge was the Bible. told FOX 10 Phoenix. “So righteous indignation is misplaced. I don’t want to talk about the character of Rep. Stahl Hamilton. I’ve known her for years. She’s been a volunteer. She’s a mother. She’s a minister.” and she is one of the most unique [sic] people I know ”

However, the seven-page report found that “many members of this committee do not see this as a joke.”

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