‘Back To Dependence’: Hannity And Kudlow Blast Biden Admin’s Energy Agenda

Fox News host Sean Hannity and Larry Kudlow tore into the Biden administration Tuesday night due to skyrocketing energy prices.

“It’s really a bad story here. Because we are now the U.S. under Biden, who turned the fossil fuel spigots off and drove up prices, we are dependent once again on OPEC. By the way, it is OPEC+. It’s the Saudis plus the Russians, who are now going to cut back production, at least that’s what everybody expects in their meeting tomorrow,” Kudlow, who was an adviser to former President Donald Trump, said. “Oil prices have gone up about $10 in the last couple days. If they cut back on 2 million barrels per day, Sean, which is what is being discussed by insiders, that will raise the price of oil by probably $15 or $20, and that will jack up gasoline prices across the country, not just on the West Coast where they are already too high.” (RELATED: ‘Only Going To Get Worse’: Economist Tells Cavuto That Energy Inflation Is Here To Stay)


“I mean, it’s really an incredible miscalculation for us to be put back into the stone age where we depend again on the Middle East, OPEC countries and Russia and that is only possible because Biden has turned off the spigot,” Kudlow continued. “We are producing almost 3 million barrels a day, Sean. Less than we were pre-COVID, pre-pandemic. Three million barrels a day less.”

Some experts have said that Biden’s hostility to fossil fuel production price gauged energy costs. The administration revoked a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in January 2021, canceled a planned offshore lease sale in May and asked a court to uphold a ban on oil and gas lease sales in June.

“All of this would be easily fixable. People in western Europe now foolishly gave into their climate alarmists over there and allowed themselves to become dependent on Vladimir Putin, if we became energy dominant or would be good for national security, high paying career jobs in the energy sector,” Hannity said. “It would lower the price at the pump and help lower inflation significantly. And we could get really rich the way the OPEC countries are by providing all of the energy needs of our partners in western Europe. But that’s never going to happen.”

“The story is coming out in the west, the interior department won’t give out permits to the various Native American Indian tribes who want the permits and want to frack…and drill. Their livelihoods depend on it,” Kudlow said. “If you look at the global story, it is so annoying to me. We have put our security back in the hands of the Saudi Arabians and now the Russians and now OPEC. We should never have been there in the first place. Donald Trump had given us independence. Joe Biden has given us back to dependence and it’s a bad story.

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