Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson To Miss Crucial Postseason Game Due To Injury. Will He Play Elsewhere Next Season?

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is expected to miss the team’s postseason matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday due to a lingering knee injury.

Jackson was injured back in week 13 during Baltimore’s 10-9 victory over the Denver Broncos when linebacker Jonathon Cooper tackled Jackson to the ground and landed all of his body weight on Jackson’s left knee. Since the injury occurred, Jackson has yet to practice or play.

ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter tweeted Thursday that Jackson is “not expected to play” during Baltimore’s crucial playoff game against Cincinnati, which ultimately puts his future with the organization in limbo.

Before the season got underway, Jackson was seeking a fully guaranteed deal from the Ravens. He rejected a six-year contract offer that was worth up to $250 million, with $133 million fully guaranteed, according to NBC Sports, but that wasn’t enough for Jackson.

Jackson reportedly wanted a deal similar to Deshaun Watson’s contract with the Cleveland Browns. Over the offseason, Watson signed a $230 million deal with Cleveland with every cent fully guaranteed, according to ESPN.

With Jackson likely missing the most important game of the season, I can’t imagine Baltimore’s management budging to Jackson’s contract demands this offseason. I think there’s a better chance that Jackson walks away from the club during free agency and plays elsewhere next year. (RELATED: Newly Released Police Video Shows Odell Beckham Jr. Hurling Insults On An Airplane)

Jackson’s inability to remain healthy this season proved that he’s not worthy of having a contract like Watson’s. His style of play takes too much of a physical toll on the body to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in him. Right now, the Ravens need Jackson more than ever, and he’s hurt. Why in the world would they pay him the money he wants if he can’t play a full season?

I applaud Baltimore’s management for holding their ground over the summer during their contract negotiations with Jackson. Considering the way it played out, they definitely made the right decision. Jackson proved to be injury prone just like every other dual-threat quarterback before him. Jackson should have just accepted the six-year deal the team offered him in the first place. Had he done that, he would have been in a much better position than he is in now.

I smell an ugly divorce brewing between the star quarterback and the Ravens after this season ends.

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