‘Barbie’ Scores Record Box-Office Opening for Film Directed by a Woman

Greta Gerwig’s barbie reportedly broke the record for the highest-grossing U.S. box office opening for a film directed by a woman, earning $155 million in its opening weekend.

start of box office barbie Surpass 2019 captain marvelco-directed by Anna Boden, and according to one source, opened at the box office of $153 million. report by the deadline.

Globally, barbie It reportedly made an estimated $337 million at the box office. captain marvelbrought in $456.7 million worldwide.

For comparison, Gerwig’s 2019 film (pictured, left) a bit woman It brought in $218.8 million in revenue worldwide.And in 2017, Patty Jenkin’s wonder woman The US box office opening was $103.2 million.

as for barbieThe film is also reportedly the best opening in the US so far this year. in the meantime, oppenheimer was also a box office success, grossing $80.5 million over the weekend.

Gerwig has been nominated for three Oscar Awards, including one for Best Original Screenplay. Wakakusa Monogatari and two for the movie lady bird.

Warner Bros. chose to launch barbie According to Deadline, this weekend is to give the Mattel movie a break from other family-friendly movies over the summer, not to compete directly with Christopher Nolan.

On the other hand, Angel Studio’s sound of freedom continues its momentum, earning $20.1 million in its third weekend (slightly higher than its first weekend) after breaking the $100 million domestic box office last Wednesday.

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