Baylor University’s 72-Hour Christian Revival Leads to 20+ Baptisms

Baylor University received the torch of Christian Revival from Asbury College and this week hosted 72 hours of continuous prayer and worship, leading to the baptism of 20 people.

On the university website, Kate Nelson quotes Charles Ramsey. explain The purpose of the conference called FM72:

“FM72’s purpose is to inspire passion for Jesus Christ in the Baylor community.” Said Charles Ramsey, director of Baylor’s Baptist Student Ministry; “Now is the time to reflect on our own journeys, stay in prayer, and realign toward what matters most: our common faith in Jesus Christ.”

Baylor, located in Waco, Texas, has already announced that it will host its second session of 72 hours of worship, prayer and fellowship from March 27-30 at FM72’s namesake Fountain Mall. I’m here.

Following the great spiritual success of last month’s two-week-long revival on the campus of Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, many Christian colleges across the United States are sponsoring similar devotional events.

In the past two weeks, some 50,000 Christians from across the country (and beyond) have flooded Wilmore to share their spiritual experiences, overwhelming the small college town of just 6,000 people.

Some hope to refer to this ongoing phenomenon as a possible new Great Awakening in U.S. history. It has been the scene of important spiritual revivals, drawing large crowds and garnering national media attention.

A hallmark of that revival was a strong emphasis on personal confession, repentance, and spiritual renewal. It was led by a group of college students who experienced a spiritual awakening and felt called to share their faith with others.

One of the defining moments of the revival came on February 11, 1970, when a visiting evangelist named Tom Harmon delivered a powerful sermon that led to a collective confession of sins. The revival continued to rage over the next few days, with many people reporting dramatic experiences of conversion, healing, and spiritual renewal.

“FM72 was not the first revival event in Baylor. was born.” CBN News report.

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