Ben Shapiro is AGHAST Trump took wrong side of THIS issue

Donald Trump’s voter base has many policy views in common, but one in particular that is very important to many of them is abortion.

Now, President Trump is facing a backlash from pro-life activists who say Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ signing of a six-week ban on abortions was a “terrible mistake.”

President Trump also repeatedly declined to say on NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether he supports a federal ban on abortion.

Conservative commentator and Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro is one of many conservatives unhappy with President Trump’s comments, saying, “That’s not a pro-life position by any stretch of the imagination.” Stated.

“He made comments suggesting that states’ fetal life-saving heartbeat bills are terrible. This is not only not pro-life, it’s a terrible statement,” Shapiro continues.

Shapiro also said he believed President Trump’s comments were “morally awful,” adding that Trump’s “Heart Rate Act, which protects babies in the womb after 5 and 6 weeks,” “It’s terrible,” he said.

Dave Rubin disagrees with Shapiro on what public policy regarding abortion should be, but believes “everything Ben said was right.”

“Ben is absolutely right about Trump’s vague attitude that somehow this is turning out to be a terrible thing,” he added. “That really doesn’t make sense.”

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