Ben Shapiro’s Twitter thread exposes DEI healthcare industry

DEI is the cornerstone of the woke mob. We’ve seen time and time again how it fosters mediocrity (and often underperformance) in the corporate world, academia, and, as Ben Shapiro pointed out, just about every aspect of society. .

In a Twitter thread that has since gone viral, Shapiro highlighted some disturbing facts about the realities of DEI in the healthcare industry.

But Shapiro didn’t just expose medical students, he also exposed “award-winning surgical residents at Duke University.”

Dr. Raman is recorded saying this during a Zoom meeting. “Here, we treat patients who come from communities in the South. And yes, we walk into the room and see them watching Fox News, or they’re wearing a MAGA hat, or they’re Confederate.” Every time I see them buckling up, my heart sinks. … One really good thing I like about the South is exactly what I alluded to earlier: They don’t entertain VIPs. That’s the thing. We treat people in our own community, and as I explained, our community is majority non-white.”

“It’s a huge problem that this leaked into our healthcare system,” says Dave Rubin. “Doctors look at people and already think different things about them based on the color of their skin or the hat they’re wearing.”

“The number one thing a doctor must do…is do no harm.”

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