Biden admin gives $5 million to fund ‘trauma-informed’ care program for journalists ‘experiencing online harassment’

The Biden administration is $5.7 million grant This will be used to create a “trauma-informed” care program for journalists who are “experiencing online harassment.” Daily Caller News Foundation It was reported on Monday.

Grants are awarded by: National Science Foundation Participated in George Washington University’s Expert Voices Together program.

NSF provided the university with its first award of $749,222 for this project in 2021. The university will receive an additional $5 million in tax dollars to fund ongoing programs through a scheduled end date of 2024.

According to the program’s description, “the widespread and rapid spread of misinformation” and “the abuse and harassment of members of professional communities” are among “two critical issues affecting trust in modern communication systems.” The aim is to address the relevance of The program defines the “expert community” as journalists, scientists, and public health officials.

“Misinformation and harassment campaigns are having a particularly hard impact on those on the front lines of efforts to accurately inform the public,” the program claimed. It argued that online “harassment” was undermining trust and dampening the voices of experts.

The university plans to use taxpayer funding to develop the EVT platform, which is described as a “sociotechnical system that provides real-time support to professionals experiencing online harassment.” The initial phase of the program will provide support to journalists in “moments of crisis”.

The program, in consultation with scientists, technical experts, psychologists, civil society and media representatives, will provide “trauma-informed care” to people “facing online abuse and harassment.” is planned to be built.

“The system consists of a safe and rapid response technology platform, support from trained case managers, and interventions. [toolkit]“Tailored to meet the specific needs of each user, the EVT Toolkit provides (1) personalized assistance with digital safety and security, (2) fraud monitoring and reporting support, and (3) regional Help identify and build systems of care.”

“Community systems of care, based on best practices in trauma-informed care, should bring together colleagues, friends, family, colleagues and mental health care professionals who can offer support, especially to professionals facing online abuse. “It is designed to build long-term resilience within social networks, organizations and society as a whole.”

A summary of the initial program follows: 2021 It said it aimed to “place particular emphasis on enabling bystanders to take action to support them”, referring to professional communities who are being harassed online. The program’s most recent description makes no mention of this focus, DCNF found.

The outlet reported. Pointer Institute The St. Petersburg, Fla., company has already helped launch a pilot program offering $5,000 to small and medium-sized U.S.-based news organizations to test the platform.

The program’s principal investigator and the Poynter Institute did not respond to requests for comment from DCNF, while NSF declined to comment on the program.

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