Biden Admin. Trying to Block Legitimate Oversight on Afghanistan for Political Reasons

On Monday’s broadcast of “CNN News Central,” CNN hosts Briana Keeler and Jake Tupper said the Biden State Department was violating its oversight fundamentals by refusing to release a diplomatic dissent telegram on its withdrawal from Afghanistan. He said the government had blocked the investigation. A real problem to avoid something that hurts them politically.

Keillor said.[T]his administration [is] Well, we say we gave them the information they needed, but it’s decided by management, but it’s monitored, so it’s not entirely square. “

Tapper replied: The Oversight Committee, in this case the House Foreign Relations Committee, will decide what they want. And certainly there is nothing wrong with wanting this dissenting telegram. Now, the best argument the administration has is that the diplomat who was outspoken in this dissent telegram doesn’t want to be dragged onto the political stage. . Look, whatever your position on the war in Afghanistan, whether the United States should be there, whether it’s President Biden, etc., from this withdrawal. Clearly there are lessons to be learned. Hundreds of people lost their lives, 13 American soldiers alive, there is a dissenting telegram, this is a legitimate business. Speaker, Rep. Michael McCall (R-Texas) is not an agitator, he is just doing his job. “

Keeler then said: They want to keep it to a minimum, so they’re trying to minimize oversights here, so that’s something to keep in mind as well. “

Tupper replied: You see, nobody likes surveillance. That’s why we prefer the same party to control Congress when we run the White House. But this is the legitimate function of Congress. We could also point to other ongoing investigations on Capitol Hill and question their legitimacy, but this is the reality. “

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