Biden Administration Announces ‘Menstrual Hygiene Day’ for ‘Menstruators’

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has announced a national holiday called “Menstrual Hygiene Day,” a day aimed at creating a menstruation-friendly world for “people who menstruate.”

in post X, DOL share Link to blog post about Menstrual Hygiene Day and 5 ways employers can create a “menstrual friendly” workplace for people who menstruate.

“To mark this Menstrual Hygiene Day, the Women’s Bureau is breaking down stereotypes and prejudices that have made menstruation taboo in the workplace,” a blog post from the Ministry of Labor said. “Although menstruation is a natural part of life for half of the population, it has often been overlooked in the workplace, perhaps because it is considered a private issue or is awkward to discuss.”

The ministry added that discussing menstruation is considered “taboo” for women, which leads to a “lack of understanding” about the effects of menstruation, such as “premenstrual syndrome”, “unexpected or heavy bleeding” or “period pain, headaches and migraines while at work”.

In a blog post, the DOL lists five ways employers can create a menstrual-friendly work environment for their employees.

  1. Make sure restrooms are well-stocked with a variety of menstrual products and allow menstruating women to access them in privacy.
  2. By providing flexibility in the uniform and offering dark color options, menstruating women will no longer have to worry about noticeable stains caused by unexpected periods or increased flow.
  3. Allow for schedule and work flexibility, such as telework, flexible hours, and shift changes.
  4. Guarantee access to paid sick leave, provide clear guidelines that menstruation is a qualifying condition for time off (whether to manage symptoms or for a related medical appointment), and ensure employees and their managers are aware that these are acceptable reasons for using sick leave.
  5. Educate and train employees and managers about menstrual symptoms and how they affect employees in the workplace, and include menstrual support services in any employee assistance programs offered.

In response to the DOL’s post, several people commented on the use of the word “menstruators” rather than “women.”

“Biden calling women ‘menstruating’? That’s pretty creepy,” wrote Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney. post About X.

“Pro tip: Only women menstruate,” by Town Hall columnist Derek Hunter I have written“If your penis bleeds once a month, or even once a day, go see a doctor right away. You’re welcome.”

Abigail Jackson, spokeswoman for Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) I have written“I think the word they’re looking for is ‘woman.'”

The Department of Education’s announcement of Menstrual Hygiene Day comes one month after the Biden administration’s Education Department changed federal Title IX regulations, removing much of what former President Donald Trump added.

The revised Title IX regulations define sex discrimination as discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Schools are also not allowed to segregate students on the basis of sex.

In 2021, the Biden administration removed the word “mother”; Replaced The White House’s fiscal 2022 budget proposal includes the word “birth.” Newsweek.