Biden Announces Request For Congress To Link Ukraine Funding With Israel

President Joe Biden announced in a speech from the Oval Office Thursday night that he will ask Congress to pass an emergency budget request to provide funding for Ukraine and Israel.

Biden addressed the nation after returning from a visit to Israel and reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to the country, which is at war with the terrorist organization Hamas. The policy touted by the president is reported to total $100 billion in foreign aid. according to Go to ABC News. (Related: White House appears to reveal identity of Israeli special operative in social media post)

“Our alliance with the United States is what keeps us safe as Americans. American values ​​are what make us a partner that other countries want to work with. , turning your back on Israel and risking all of that just isn’t worth it. That’s why tomorrow I will fund America’s national security needs to support important partners, including Israel and Ukraine. “I will send an emergency budget request to Congress to provide for this,” Biden said.

“This is a wise investment that will benefit America’s national security for generations. Help us keep America’s troops out of harm’s way. Safer for our children and grandchildren. Please help us build a more peaceful and prosperous world.”

During his visit to Israel, Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he “wanted to come personally” to show his support, including because of the American people’s sadness for Israel. The president reiterated to Netanyahu in his Oval Office speech that the United States will continue to provide what Israel needs to continue its war against Hamas.

Biden added that in his Oval Office speech, he urged Netanyahu to follow the “laws of war” when discussing funding plans for the country.

“At the same time, President Netanyahu and I spoke again yesterday about the critical need for Israel to act in accordance with the laws of war. That means protecting civilians in combat to the greatest extent possible,” Biden said.

“And the people of Gaza are in dire need of food, water and medicine. Yesterday, in consultation with the leaders of Israel and Egypt, I announced the first shipment of humanitarian aid from the United Nations to Palestinian civilians in Gaza. “Hamas did not divert or steal this shipment,” Biden continued.

The president also announced $100 million in U.S. aid to the West Bank and Gaza on Wednesday, even after a U.N. agency reported that Hamas had stolen fuel and medical supplies meant for Palestinian refugees. according to In the Times of Israel. Biden was scheduled to meet with Palestinian Authority President Abbas, His Majesty King Abdullah II, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi during his visit to Jordan, but the plan was canceled in the wake of a bombing near a hospital in the Gaza Strip. has been discontinued. (Related article: Arab leaders withdraw support for Biden after devastating hospital bombing)

“Tonight, there are innocent people all over the world who have hope because of us, who believe they can have a better life because of us, and who desperately don’t want us to forget them,” Biden said. I’m waiting.” “But time is of the essence.”

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