Biden Approval Rating Falls to Lowest Level Since He Took Office

President Joe Biden's approval rating has fallen to its lowest level since taking office, according to the latest TIPP poll.

Biden's confirmation is already decided. sit This reflects a 6-point drop in the survey from November 3. This is the lowest record for the 81-year-old since taking office. His disapproval rating currently stands at 55%, an increase of 3 points over the same period.

Additionally, 19% of Democrats disapprove of Biden, as do 86% of Republicans. Most independents also disapproved of Biden, at 64%. Only 21% are in favor.

Notably, 25% of liberals and 56% of moderates also disapprove of Biden.

This part of the study was conducted between November 29 and December 1 among 1,464 adults. There is a margin of error of +/- 2.6%.

Biden also sees a dire assessment of the economy, with 55% of respondents saying the economy is bad or failing. He said most independents (63%) feel the same way. Additionally, 56% of respondents believe Biden's response to immigration and border security is inadequate or failing, and 54% are dissatisfied with his response to crime. This includes many independent voters.

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Biden's approval ratings have been low for a long time. For example, a Gallup poll released in October found support for Biden. Sink In one month, it rose to 11% among Democrats. The following month, in November, Biden's support increased among independents. fell This is a record low of 27%, down from 35% in October.

Similarly, an NBC News poll in November showed Biden's approval rating had fallen to its lowest level since taking office. roll up to 40 percent.

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White House / YouTube

Additionally, a CNN poll found that 67 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden's economy, making it the top issue for voters as the 2024 election approaches.

“Biden's economic approval rating in November is second-lowest of presidential term,” Breitbart News report.



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