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Biden campaign dismisses Trump golf challenge: 'Weird antics'

The Biden campaign denied comments made by former President Trump at a rally on Tuesday night in which he challenged Biden to a golf match, offering him a chance to “redeem himself” following his poor performance in last month’s debate.

“Joe Biden has no time for Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior. He is busy leading America and defending the free world,” Biden campaign spokesman James Singer responded to the invitation in a statement.

Speaking at his first political rally in days, Trump called on Biden to hold another debate later this week, a suggestion that is unrealistic as Biden is attending a NATO summit in Washington DC this week.

“Let’s have another debate this week so Sleepy Joe Biden can prove to the whole world that he’s got what it takes to be president,” Trump said Tuesday night, “but this time it’ll be men-on-men, no moderator, no restrictions. You can tell us where it’s going to be. Anytime, anywhere.”

The Republican nominee then exchange During a June debate, Trump and Biden sparred over golf handicaps, with Biden challenging Trump to a game of golf “if he had his own bag.”

Trump offered to host a televised golf match against Biden at his golf course in Doral, Fla., and added that if the president wins by 20 strokes, he will donate $1 million to a charity of the sitting president’s choice.

“That’s why tonight I’m officially challenging Bad Boy Joe to an 18-hole golf game,” Trump said.

Singer criticized Trump for not campaigning in the days following the debate.

“Donald Trump hasn’t been seen in public for 12 days, and now he’s inviting a fictional serial killer to dinner, mocking Marco Rubio, praising Project 2025 architect Tom Homan and challenging the president of the United States to a round of golf,” a Biden spokesman said.

“Donald Trump is a liar, a convicted fraudster and a self-serving con man. No surprise there,” Singer added.

Biden’s debate performance has raised concerns among Democrats about whether he can beat Trump to a second term in office, and despite numerous calls for him to drop out of the race, Biden has made clear he has no plans to do so.