Biden Campaign on the Hunt for a DEI Director

The Biden campaign is seeking a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) director, according to recent job postings.

“The Biden campaign is looking for a ‘DEI director,’” RNC Research noted, adding, “All they know is to divide.”

by Job Informationthe campaign is looking for a candidate “focused on creating and implementing a comprehensive strategy to attract and support diverse talent to advance the campaign’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.” ing.

“They will also be responsible for upskilling and further educating campaign staff on DEI,” it continues, noting that “experience in the DEI field is essential.”

Key responsibilities include managing and reporting on the campaign’s “diversity efforts,” managing “internal programs to support existing diverse campaign staff,” and supporting “hiring” and “diverse workforce.” seems to be included.

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Ironically, the list also notes that President-elect Biden is “committed to staff diversity and that its continued success depends on ensuring we have a diverse workforce that provides the highest quality of service to our supporters and voters.” “We recognize that maximum effort is required to maintain this.”But it also says: [emphasis added] “It is our policy to be an equal opportunity employer in recruiting, hiring, training, promoting and managing all human resources activities.” Regardless gender, race, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, veteran status, gender identity or expression, ethnic identity or disability, or any other legal protected grounds. ”

The irony stems from the fact that the campaign hired a DEI director who was responsible for focusing solely on things like race, gender, and sexual orientation.

The DEI director’s call reminds many of the scandal involving Sam Brinton, a senior Energy Department official in the Biden administration who identifies as non-binary. Biden officials were criticized in December 2022 as follows: caught stealing Baggage at Las Vegas Airport. Britton no longer works for Biden, but agreed to a plea bargain As detailed by Breitbart News, he paid approximately $3,670 to his victims and received a 180-day suspended prison sentence and suspended sentence.

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