Biden Claims AR-15 Bullets ‘Blow Up’ Inside the Body

The Claim: President Biden said during Tuesday’s gun control push that an AR-15 bullet “explodes” when it enters the human body.

Verdict: False. AR-15 ammunition is not designed to disintegrate inside the body.

In an address to union members in Durham, North Carolina, Biden declared the AR-15 bullet: Most bullets go straight in and out when they hit the body, but they explode when they go inside the body.

In fact, the AR-15 round (5.56 bullet) was not designed to disintegrate inside the body.

Breitbart News spoke with rifle maker George Urmston, owner of Battle Tested Equipment, about the AR-15 bullet. Summarizing what Biden said about the bullet exploding in his body, Armston said: The 5.56 is actually designed to travel at a certain speed and pass through your body unharmed. In reality, what makes a round effective is passing it through the body unharmed at a constant speed. “

Fragile ammunition (ammunition that breaks on impact) can be purchased for AR-15s and other guns, and law enforcement agencies may choose such ammunition to limit the danger to innocent people. Armston pointed out. After passing through the body of the criminal. But the design and intent of the 5.56 is not to “blow up” bodies.

On May 30, 2022, Biden claimed that a 9mm bullet would “blow the lungs out of the body.”

His statement about 9mm is wrong, and his statement about AR-15 is wrong.

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AWR Hawkins: The differences between the AR-15 and the “assault weapon” are:


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