Biden Education Department worried AI in the classroom might be used to spy on teachers

The education ministry is concerned that artificial intelligence systems in classrooms could be used to monitor teachers, making their jobs “nearly impossible”, according to a new report. I am warning you.

The ministry released a report this week on “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching and Learning,” arguing that AI should never be used to replace human teachers.

This report aims to assess the prospects for the expansion of AI into the classroom. AI could make teaching more efficient and help personalize lesson plans, but warned that AI could expose teachers to increased scrutiny. ing.

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President Biden’s Department of Education, led by Secretary Miguel Cardona, released a report saying AI in the classroom shouldn’t put teachers at risk of surveillance. (Photo credit: Demetrius Freeman/Washington Post via Getty Images)

“Enabling voice assistants in the kitchen could help with simple household chores such as setting a cooking timer,” the report states. “The same voice assistant could still hear what we intended to be private. This kind of dilemma will arise for classrooms and teachers.”

Although the report envisions AI being used in a real-world classroom environment to obtain data that helps teachers do their job, such as recommending specific resources based on the topic being taught. , which carries additional risks for teachers.

“The same data could also be used to monitor teachers, and that monitoring could affect teachers,” the report said. “With increased teacher oversight, it will be nearly impossible to have trustworthy AI to improve teacher performance.”

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Appointment of Miguel Cardona

Cardona’s report said over-the-top AI systems monitoring teachers would make their job “nearly impossible.” (Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)

The ministry concluded that when considering the use of AI in classrooms, efforts should be made to ensure “adequate” protection from teacher surveillance. Other questions that need to be asked are whether AI is easing the burden of education, whether teachers can control AI-enabled tools, and whether AI can be seen as “improving equity, reducing prejudice, increasing cultural awareness.” and how it can be used for

The Biden administration’s push for AI systems that circumvent teacher oversight highlights how much power teachers have over their students and the political struggles over parents’ right to know what’s being taught. may rekindle. Just last week, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona tweeted, “Teachers know what’s best for their children,” and “We must trust them.” led to complaints that it was necessary to give a substantive opinion to

The administration has also come under fire from Republicans and parent groups since the Justice Department released a memo in 2021 calling on authorities to investigate threats of violence against local school administrators and teachers. The memo comes after the National Association of School Boards urged governments to consider these threats as a form of “domestic terrorism.”

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Joe Biden

The Bidem Department of Justice has been accused of siding with teachers over parents. (Jim Law Scalzo/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The group later apologized for using the term, but Republicans have since said that the Biden administration has sided with teachers, asking for information about what children are being taught and not always getting answers. accusing them of being hostile to the parents who cannot afford them.

The education ministry report also stressed repeatedly that AI should not replace human teachers.

“Some teachers fear they will be replaced, but on the contrary, the ministry categorically rejects the idea that AI could replace teachers,” the ministry said. Stated. “It is by no means to suggest that AI can replace teachers, parents and educational leaders as stewards of student learning.”

The report suggested that as AI becomes part of the classroom, policymakers should strive to “always keep the educator (ACE) at the center.”


“Practically speaking, practicing ‘ACE in AI’ means maintaining a humanistic perspective that puts education at the forefront,” the report says. “ACE is guiding the ministry to confidently answer ‘no’ to the question ‘Will AI replace teachers?'”

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