Biden Gave ‘Detailed, Nuanced’ Answers Even when ‘He Seemed to Confuse’ Mexico and Egypt

On CNN’s “Inside Politics” broadcast Tuesday, CNN senior political analyst and Bloomberg columnist Nia Marika Henderson said that President Joe Biden is a “smart person” and that during a press conference, “Mexico “This seemed to confuse the Mexican president.” “Egypt” gave “very detailed and nuanced answers on every topic”, especially the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

After playing a video of a focus group of voters who switched from voting for Trump in 2016 to voting for Biden in 2020, one voter said Biden didn’t seem as mentally ill as he thought. , host Dana Bash said. The hurdles probably aren’t that high for Biden, and I don’t know if the Biden campaign can keep this in mind, like getting him out there and talking. ”

Henderson added, “Mr. Biden is a smart man. Even in this press conference, which seemed to confuse the presidents of Mexico and Egypt, he gave very detailed and nuanced answers on every topic, especially: [on] Israel and Gaza conflict. So, listen, they want the State of the Union to play a big role in addressing some of these issues. ”

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