Biden Giving Cluster Bombs to Ukraine Discredits U.S.-Led International Law

Chinese state media on Tuesday slammed the US shipment of cluster munitions to Ukraine as evidence that the US-led “rules-based international order” is merely a “mafia-style” hypocritical racket.

After much whining about the hypocrisy of America giving China a nation, hard work The brutal political repression, bloody genocide, forced labor, genocide Global Times pounced On the Biden administration abetting possible war crimes committed by Ukraine:

In February 2022, then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the use of cluster munitions a “war crime.” A year later, the US decided to change the “rules” and send these cluster bombs to Ukraine.

A rules-based order will stifle anything that challenges US hegemony, including the rise of China. Therefore, the United States believes it is “just” to impose unilateral sanctions and export controls on China. But when China introduced its own export control rules on gallium and germanium, White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre accused China of exerting pressure through the economy, which underlies fair trade. Said not to play.

After losing the conspiracy for a while, claiming that the US was hypocritical in telling China not to take Taiwan by force, Global Times A good chunk of the “emerging nations” would rather have an alternative in a “multipolar world” than accept Washington, which “advertises its values ​​and allies to win over Western allies.” He pointed out that he was there and regained his composure.

“The more vocally the U.S. insists on a rules-based order, the more it proves that the U.S. cannot sustain it. Chinese Communist Party editors snorted.

Chinese propagandists tend to pull out vast lists of grievances going back years whenever they see an opportunity to score political gains.of Global Times It might have been better to stay focused on the issue of cluster munitions, a thorny issue for the Biden administration, but technically neither illegal nor a violation of the “rules-based order.” not a signer to the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Clearly, China does not feel obligated to comply with treaties and agreements it has never signed.

US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken said on Tuesday claimed The US giving cluster munitions to Ukrainians would not make the situation significantly worse, because Russia, while not a signatory to the Treaty Banning Cluster Munitions, is also said to be already using cluster munitions. It is from.

“All the allies I spoke to said they understood why we were doing this,” Blinken said, adding that many of the U.S.’s NATO allies are U.S. allies. alluded to the facts. bottom Sign a pledge not to use cluster munitions.

R.Featured Video — Blinken: Without US Cluster Munitions, Ukraine Would Have Been ‘Unprotected’:

Leaving aside the international legality of the use of cluster munitions, most of the US media was appalled by cluster munitions until this week, when they suddenly published editorials explaining why it was the right decision to supply them to Ukraine. started writing.of washington post in particular rebuked “Liberals” are nervous about the alarming risk of civilian casualties from unexploded cluster bomb submunitions, which can lurk on the battlefield for years before civilian encounters. .

blinken Conceded Cluster munitions for Ukraine were needed because the United States and its allies have run out of conventional artillery, he said.

“The world and Ukraine had insufficient stockpiles of single munitions, not cluster munitions. If we don’t do it, if we don’t do it, they will run out of ammunition, and if they run out of ammunition, they will be defenseless,” he said. Said on tuesday.

Under a Republican administration, this would undoubtedly be a major media scandal – “Republican President Allows Use Of War Crimes Weapons To Fill Baffling Ammunition Shortage For Multi-Trillion Dollar Military,” yelled the headline. will be exposed.

Instead, the left has stopped worrying and learned to love cluster bombs. Fortunately, Chinese propagandists have made countless claims as to why hypocritical Americans should be silent about Uyghur slavery, unable to point out its particular hypocrisy. busy to do

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