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Biden orders executive action to grant amnesty for illegal aliens married to US citizens: ‘It doesn’t tear families apart’

President Joe Biden announced two executive orders aimed at easing restrictions on undocumented immigrants and people classified as “Dreamers” seeking legal status.

President Biden announced the order at a White House press conference on Tuesday, drawing applause from Democratic lawmakers.

“It will attract even more illegal immigrants. Biden needs to stop rewriting our immigration laws and start enforcing them.”

“This action is a better way to do things, without tearing families apart. Undocumented “Spouses must fulfill their legal obligations,” Biden said.

The executive order would eliminate provisions that force illegal immigrants to leave the country and then return as part of the application process to seek legal status.

“For more than a decade, these couples have raised their families, sent their children to church and school, paid their taxes and contributed to their country,” the president continued. “All this time, they have lived in fear and uncertainty in America.”

“We can fix it, which is why I’m here to do it today!”

The second order would make it easier for people who gained legal status under the Obama-era DACA law to obtain work visas.

While mainstream media outlets downplayed the order in their reports, illegal immigrant advocacy groups
Applause They saw this as an amnesty for illegal immigrants who married U.S. citizens.

“President Biden announces executive order granting parole to undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens,” the NM Dream Team social media account announced. “More than one million undocumented spouses, including nearly 100,000 DACA recipients, will now have protection from deportation and work authorization.”

“A desperate attempt to pander to a failed reelection”

Others say it’s the biggest rollback of illegal immigration since former President Barack Obama’s DACA order, which spared more than 800,000 illegal immigrants from deportation but which many on the right call unconstitutional.

Among the critics was Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who was quick to Condemned He criticized the Biden administration on social media.

“Biden’s mass amnesty policy is a desperate attempt to pander to his failed reelection. It will only attract more illegal immigrants. Biden needs to stop rewriting our immigration laws and start enforcing them. America cannot survive another four years of Biden’s border crisis,” Abbott wrote.

Critics of the DACA amnesty order say many of those allowed to gain legal status did not meet the strict standards that were supposed to govern the program, and defenders of the program argue that many of those who qualified left their home countries in such a hurry that they had difficulty providing documentation proving their eligibility.

Like the DACA amnesty program, Biden’s order is expected to be challenged in court.

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