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Biden Replacement Announcement?

The following content is Paradigm Press The author is Jim Rickards, an economist and former adviser to the Department of Defense and the CIA.

On August 19, Democrats will speak in Chicago to formally nominate their presidential candidates for the 2024 election.

But their candidate may not be Joe Biden.

I’m Jim Rickards, a former White House counsel, and I’ve spent the last four years arguing that Biden is unfit to be president.

But after his abysmal performance in the first presidential debate, Joe Biden’s own party is also turning against him.

CNN reports:

from The New York Times:

and, The Wall Street Journal:

This doesn’t come as a shock to me. I have been warning for months about Democrat plans to rig the election.

And I believe they have already secretly selected his replacement..

Ahead of the Democratic National Convention on August 19th, A blatant and disturbing threat to democracy It would result in the worst national crisis in 50 years.

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