Biden skipping the Super Bowl interview perplexes CNN’s Tapper: ‘What’s he afraid of?’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper harshly criticized President Biden for skipping the traditional presidential Super Bowl interview this year, asking Representative Robert Garcia, D-Calif., what the president is “afraid” of. .

Mr. Tapper’s comments came in Friday’s episode of his network show, “The Read,” in which Mr. Biden responded to special counsel Robert Hur’s report, which called Mr. Biden “an elderly man with a poor memory.” It happened after a press conference.

Given the new talk about Biden’s mental strength, Tapper pressed the congressman on whether he was hiding from the impression that Biden is slow and prone to gaffes.

Flashback: Democrats made defense about Biden’s age before special counsel shines damning spotlight on his ‘poor memory’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper grilled California Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia about why President Biden will skip his Super Bowl interview this year.

He began by addressing Biden’s recent gaffes on the virus. One is his claim that he recently met with former French President Mitterrand, who died before Biden became president, and the other is his claim that he spoke with the late former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in 2021. Ta. 2017 – and most recently, he demonstrated a great memory in connection with confusing the presidents of Mexico and Egypt at press conferences.

“Look, people make gaffes. I get it. People make gaffes,” he told Garcia, who was in the room to defend Biden. “I want you to forget about Robert Herr.” In the report, it said this was President Biden speaking in public. ”

The host then asked the congressman if he knew why “the majority of Democrats are concerned.”

“So, don’t worry, this is the reality. I’ve been around many times in the last year alone, and President Biden is sharp, focused, bright, and honest,” Garcia said at Biden’s bat. ” he declared. And as we grow older, we also acquire incredible wisdom. ”

“He is the most prepared person ever to be president of the United States,” he added.

Garcia also praised Biden’s accomplishments as president, saying Democrats “actually have a lot of confidence in this president.”

Flashback: Democrats made defense about Biden’s age before special counsel shines damning spotlight on his ‘poor memory’

Biden in Wisconsin

President Biden is absent from Sunday’s Super Bowl interview for the second year in a row. (Screenshot/Biden speech)

Mr. Tapper acknowledged Mr. Garcia’s point, but suggested Mr. Biden has “aged out” since he began covering him nearly 20 years ago.

He then brought up that Biden skipped the Super Bowl interview, saying, “”[Biden’s] The network hosting the Super Bowl does not conduct traditional Super Bowl interviews. ”

“What is he afraid of when doing that interview?” Tapper asked.

Garcia laughed it off and denied there was any concern about avoiding the interview. “He’s not afraid of anything. First, the president has a busy schedule. I mean, who cares if he doesn’t do a Super Bowl interview? Just yesterday, he gave a prime-time “I just held a press conference,” he replied.

When Garcia further touted Biden’s accomplishments and the issues he’s working on, Tapper said, “People don’t care if Biden does a Super Bowl interview. Tens of millions of people… “I missed the opportunity to talk to Americans.”




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