Biden to Visit Striking Auto Workers in Michigan One Day Before Trump

President Joe Biden belatedly announced plans to visit striking United Auto Workers (UAW) members in Michigan on Tuesday, a day before former President Donald Trump’s visit.

“On Tuesday, I will travel to Michigan to join the picket line and stand in solidarity with the men and women of the UAW fighting for a fair share of the value they created,” Biden said. Posted online.

Mr. Biden’s announcement came days after Mr. Trump announced plans to visit workers on Wednesday, the same night his Republican primary opponent will take to the stage for a second debate. become.

President Trump’s announcement of a visit to Michigan sent Democrats into a panic, one Democratic strategist said. politiko President Trump’s move is “genius in a sense.”

“If we announced we were leaving now, it would look like we were leaving just because of President Trump,” the strategist said. “We’ve waited too long. That’s the challenge.”

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, called Biden’s planned visit a “cheap photo op” and said Biden would only visit on Tuesday “because President Trump announced he was going on Wednesday.”

“If President Trump had said nothing, Biden would have given the UAW workers in Michigan ‘East Palestine treatment,'” Miller said, adding that toxic chemical spills polluted the air and water. He said this, referring to Biden’s six-month absence from Michigan.

Miller also highlighted how Biden’s economic policies are negatively impacting striking autoworkers.

mirror Said:

Biden is still intent on destroying everything in the auto industry he claims to hold dear. His visit on Tuesday means nothing at all unless he repeals the insane EV mandate and denounces the Green New Deal, but Biden is indebted to California’s radical left eco-loons, so he will never do that. I wouldn’t do that. Joe Biden cares more about his own radical liberal base than he does about autoworkers in Michigan or other parts of the country.

As Breitbart News has repeatedly noted, Bidenflation and the president’s green electric vehicle (EV) policies accelerated the UAW’s decision to strike against major automakers.

“Look, this is actually Joe Biden’s fault, because one of the things that’s driving this strike is the fact that people’s wages are getting significantly worse,” Breitbart Economics said. Editor John Carney told FOX Business host Larry Kudlow earlier this month. “Of course unions want to be paid more because they are seeing their purchasing power go down. Their cost of living has gone up. So naturally they want to be paid more. I need to make money.”

Carney further elaborates in the article:

However, a better way to analyze salary increases is Compare this to the increase in cost of living for UAW members. When the last contract negotiations took place in 2019, inflation was below 2%. In the 12 months to August 2019, the national consumer price index rose 1.7%. In the Detroit-Flint area, the increase was even lower, at just 1.3%. Over the past four years, the Consumer Price Index in the Detroit area has increased a total of 4.5%.

Add to this the excess cost of living increases over the past four years and the loss of expected real wage growth, and you have an easy economic justification. nearly 30% wage increase.

UAW President Sean Fein also argued that auto workers are being “left behind” in the transition to electric vehicles.

“When we talk about the transition to EVs, we are talking about the fact that 20 percent of the Big Three powertrain employees will lose their jobs in the future if we go ahead with the transition to EVs. It will be. [internal combustion] Switch the engine to battery power. And if you go from $32 an hour to $16 an hour, that’s not a legitimate transition,” Fain said.

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