Biden Trolls DeSantis’ Twitter Campaign Launch Technical Difficulties

President Joe Biden trolled Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, after a technical glitch in announcing his presidential campaign on his Twitter space.

After submitting his presidential candidacy on Tuesday, DeSantis spoke to Twitter’s voice platform, Twitter Space, in a conversation with the social media site’s CEO Elon Musk. An official announcement was to be made.

“Space with @RonDeSantis will be done in about two hours,” Musk said. tweeted Hours before our scheduled Twitter Spaces conversation.

However, the attempted campaign launch encountered multiple technical problems.For example, the conversation started him seven minutes late, the audio cuts off repeatedly, and at one point DeSantis Appeared Leave announcement chat.

Mr. Biden used the opportunity to make fun of Mr. DeSantis, who has consistently trailed front-runner Donald Trump in Republican primary polls.

Biden: ‘This link works’ tweeted Along with a link to his campaign fundraising page.

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Joe Biden campaign

Ultimately, Mr. Musk and Mr. DeSantis switch Conversation into the new Spaces chat showed far fewer than half of Twitter users waiting for DeSantis’ announcement in the first chat.

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