Biden White House disavows CAIR in response to director’s vile remarks

President Biden has sought to distance himself from the Council on American-Islamic Relations after a video of the council's executive director gleeful over the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack went viral. There is.

In addition to condemning the views expressed last month by CAIR's Palestinian director Nihad Awad, the White House is seeking to clean up its past ties to the Islamic advocacy group.

What is your background?

Blaze News previously reported that Awad said in a speech on November 24: American Muslim Conference for Palestine He said the October 7 attack on Israel made him “happy.”

“The people of Gaza just decided to break through the walls of the concentration camp on October 7,” Awad said. “And yes, I was happy to see people breaking the siege, throwing off the shackles of their land, and freely entering their land that they were not allowed to enter.”

The terrorists Awad is believed to be referring to did not simply “enter freely” into the Jewish state, but did so armed for war, killing thousands of unarmed civilians and dozens of Americans. massacred.

“And yes,” Awad continued, “the people of Gaza have the right to self-defense, they have the right to defend themselves. And yes, Israel, as an occupying power, does not have a right to self-defense.”

Mr. Awad went on to criticize the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, suggesting that “unless we free Congress.” [from AIPAC]If we do that, we will not be able to liberate Palestine. ”

Mr. Awad's hateful rhetoric, which paints a positive picture of terrorism, appears to be unique among the group's leadership.

Maryland CAIR Director Zainab Chaudhry was suspended from her position on the state's new hate crimes task force last month after she referred to the Oct. 7 terrorist attack as a “Palestinian insurrection.” Suggests that Hamas terrorists resemble “Ukrainian freedom fighters.” Claims that Israel is a Nazi state. And he called an Israeli infant killed by Hamas a “fake.”

said Hassam Airouche, Executive Director of CAIR in Los Angeles.
Said In a Dec. 1 address to the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, he said, “Israel, as an occupier, has no right to defend itself. … It's not, it's not. This is not rhetorical. There is no such thing as 'legal', based on international law. ”

“Imagine us saying to Nazi Germany, 'You have the right to protect yourself from French resistance, Polish resistance, or Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto,'” said Ai. Ruth continued. “People will laugh at you if you say that.”


CAIR went into damage control after a video of Awad's remarks went viral this week.

Mr. Awad argued that:
statement His admission that he was happy about Hamas' invasion of Israel was taken out of context.

“In my remarks two weeks ago at a conference in support of Palestinian human rights, I condemned all violence against civilians and all forms of bigotry, including in particular Islamophobia and anti-Semitism,” Awad said. I did,” he said. “Despite my clear statements, anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian hate websites selected statements from my speech out of context and stitched them together to create completely false meanings. .”

Mr. Awad condemned violence against Israelis, which he has long condemned, but repeatedly qualified his condemnation and emphasized that violence against Israelis is unjustified.
Civilian mistaken.

CAIR's backpedaling seemed to be in vain.

Democrats are desperate to keep their distance

Biden Press Secretary Andrew Bates
Said Jewish Insider: “We condemn in the strongest terms these shocking and anti-Semitic statements.”

Bates said the Hamas terrorist attacks marked “the worst day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust” and that “the atrocities of that day shocked the conscience. We can never forget.” ”

“The horrific and brutal terrorist attack committed by Hamas on October 7 was, as President Biden has said, 'abhorrent' and represents 'pure evil,'” Bates said.
report New York Times.

The spokesperson added: “All leaders have a responsibility to call out anti-Semitism wherever it rears its ugly head.”

The White House secretly redacted CAIR's name
May 25th document “Commitment” to recognize Muslim advocacy groups as one of several groups[ted] It aims to counter anti-Semitism and build solidarity across communities with organizations across the private sector, civil society, religious and interfaith communities, and higher education. ”

A White House official told Jewish Insider that “CAIR was not listed in the strategy. They were one of several independent organizations listed in the supplemental document. We have removed their involvement from the site.”

Bates' comments were cited as the reason for the removal.

Biden White House
Haven't tried it yet This was to hide the fact that CAIR directors were among the guests at a May 3 “listening session with Muslim community leaders to discuss efforts to counter Islamophobia.”

However, the White House emphasized that “CAIR does not consult on the development of an Islamophobia strategy.”

President Joe Biden appears to have little to lose politically in blocking CAIR, given that Muslim American leaders have already begun mobilizing their communities to oppose President Biden.

Jailani Hussein, director of CAIR in Minneapolis, said people who are upset about Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas war, even though they similarly loathe former President Donald Trump. He suggested he was trying to risk a potential election victory for former President Donald Trump. report Axios.

“We recognize that our decisions may lead to even more difficult times over the next four years,” Hussein said. “But we believe this gives us an opportunity to recalibrate, and Democrats will need to consider whether they want our votes.”

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