Biden’s ‘a No’ on Using 14th Amendment to Raise Debt Limit, It ‘Can’t Solve our Challenges Now’

On Friday’s “CNN This Morning” broadcast, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adiemo said the only way out of the debt ceiling woes is for Congress to raise the debt ceiling, and that President Joe Biden will endorse the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. He said he would not invoke the article. Therefore, “I can’t solve the problem right now.”

“The 14th Amendment cannot solve our current challenges,” Adiemo said. Ultimately, the only thing it can do is for Congress to do what it has done 78 times and raise the debt ceiling. We have no Plan B to fulfill our promises to our creditors, seniors, veterans, and the American people. The only plan we have is the one in this country where he has worked for over 200 years. That is, the United States must pay all bills on time. And Congress has the ability to do it, and the President is asking Congress to act as soon as possible. ”

Co-host Poppy Harlow asked, “Is that no?”

Adiemo replied: “So the question was whether the United States would apply the 14th Amendment. “

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