Biden’s Approval Rating Among Dems Plummets 11 Points To Lowest Of His Presidency

President Joe Biden’s approval rating among Democrats is at its lowest since he took office, according to the latest Gallup poll.

Biden’s party approval rating has fallen 11 points to 75% over the past month. according to in Thursday’s Gallup poll. The president’s approval rating among independents fell 4 points to 35%.

Biden’s overall approval rating has fallen to 37%, down 4 points from September, according to a Gallup poll. Support among Republicans remains unchanged at 5%.

A Gallup poll found that “Biden’s immediate and firm support for Israel after the October 7 attack by Hamas appears to have sparked a backlash from some within his own party, resulting in The president’s evaluation of the situation was the worst since he took office.” “Biden’s overall approval rating similarly matches his lowest personal approval rating.”

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks to reporters aboard Air Force One during a refueling stop at Ramstein Air Force Base, Oct. 18, 2023, after returning from a visit to Israel. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden has been managing the U.S. response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel throughout October. The president’s initial response came from a prominent conservative media outlet that criticized Biden for avoiding public appearances and hosting a barbecue for White House staff and their families while war broke out in the Middle East. received criticism. (Related: White House appears to reveal identity of Israeli special operative in social media post)

The poll was conducted between October 2nd and October 23rd among 1,009 adults in the United States. The poll has a margin of error of 4 points.

Since the initial backlash, Mr. Biden has visited Israel to demonstrate the United States’ commitment to Israel during its war with Hamas. The president also gave a rare Oval Office address on the Israeli war, touting an aid package that would provide funding to both Ukraine and Israel.

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict comes at a time when Americans remain pessimistic about the economy and the Biden administration is struggling to cope with the growing number of migrants attempting to enter the country, and at a time when it is uncertain how much aid it will provide in the Ukraine war. “It’s happening at a time when there’s an ongoing debate about whether or not to collaborate with Russia,” the Gallup poll said.

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