Biden’s Dog Commander Reportedly Bites Another Secret Service Agent In 11th Known Incident

President Joe Biden’s 2-year-old dog Commander reportedly bit another Secret Service employee at the White House on Monday night, marking the 11th such incident.

The Secret Service communications director broke the news to CNN. tell They claimed that “an officer from the Uniformed Division of the Secret Intelligence Service came into contact with the First Family’s pet and was bitten,” and that “the officer was treated by medical personnel at the facility.” According to the report, a spokesperson said the officer was not seriously injured. (Related article: KJP says Biden’s dog commander bites because White House is too stressed)

Last November, a German shepherd commander attacked another Secret Service employee, resulting in the officer being hospitalized, CNN reported. Just weeks after that incident, the New York Post reported that a dog broke the skin on another Secret Service agent’s hand and arm after Biden released the commander after a family movie night. report.

A month later, the commander assaulted a security guard at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home, the Post reported.

Biden’s other dog, Major, also had a history of attacking Secret Service agents. post.

A former Secret Service official told CNN that the commander became a “workplace safety issue” for the Secret Service.

“Once it was an accident, but now there are multiple incidents and it’s a serious problem,” the same former investigator told CNN.

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