Biden’s foreign policy: Disaster upon disaster and missed opportunities

Biden’s suspension and interesting performance During a recent visit to Israel and in the in-flight press corps. air force one This is representative of a regime that is running out of gas. Biden’s foray into public life also constitutes great drama, as no one knows what he will say or do at any given time. All public interactions with the media and public ceremonies involve the following risks: strange behavior From Biden and his kaleidoscope of verbal and physical gaffes, stumblemisrepresentations, policy reversals, and surrealism are more to be expected from a patient in a nursing home than from the leader of the free world.

that he The president is a terrible figure not only for the American people, but also for America’s interests and allies. Moreover, the people entrusted with formulating the government’s policies are not satisfied, let alone confident, with their actions. The Biden administration is reversing the Midas touch, especially when it comes to foreign policy, and everything it touches turns into a disaster.

The parade of disasters began at the beginning of the administration, when Biden reversed the policies of the Trump administration. Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreementweaken the United States for People’s Republic of China. The withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, against military recommendations, left Kabul airport a scene of chaos reminiscent of the 1975 withdrawal of US troops from Da Nang, Phnom Penh and Saigon. This evacuation was a relief to America’s enemies and a disappointment to the American people, military, and allies. Those images are indelible and will forever be associated with the Biden administration.

On Taiwan, Biden vowed to protect Taiwan from Chinese attack, only to make such comments walked back By government officials such as National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State antony blinken. Genital agitation is useless as Taiwan faces the full threat of invasion from China. Simply put, Biden is not meeting Taiwan’s defense needs.

Regarding the Ukraine war, Biden’s weakness led to deterrence failure. Since the invasion, the only certain things in life are death, taxes, and that Biden will ask the US for billions more in aid to Ukraine.

Despite “expert” assessments to the contrary, Vladmir Putin and Xi Jinping currently have an “unbounded” relationship, which has led to a critical shift in U.S. defense planning as the U.S. now has to face two major nuclear powers. It’s complicated.

The Middle East has become a region of terror defined by atrocities, wars, and the threat of escalation into major wars. China’s position in the Middle East has gone from playing a minor role to now playing a major role, as evidenced by China mediating relations between Riyadh and Tehran in March 2023 and supporting Tehran in its war against Israel and Hamas. is changing.

Despite the Biden administration’s announcement that Major defense policy documents In 2022, The administration’s emphasis on leveraging existing strategies, including the National Defense Strategy, the Nuclear Posture Review, the Missile Defense Review, and most recently the Pentagon’s annual report on China’s military, will reduce China’s threat. It seems that he is still confused about this. Capacity and recovery from disruption.

Sadly, the evidence makes clear that China is not deterred from using aggression as a viable means to advance the Chinese Communist Party’s goals that endanger U.S. interests, and the Biden administration is No new proposals have been made to stop it.

At the same time, the administration announced a nuclear posture review that would halt nuclear-capable sea-launched cruise missiles and retire the multi-megaton gravity bomb B-83-1. Therefore, in reality, weaken Just at a time when America’s existing capabilities need to be strengthened and expanded.

The Biden administration is reducing its ability to reliably extend conventional and nuclear deterrence in the Indo-Pacific region. As these documents show, the Biden administration has consistently underestimated China’s conventional and nuclear capabilities and ambitions.

The Biden administration’s strategy document identifies four major issues.

First, they assume that the triad modernization that has occurred over the past decade is sufficient to meet the United States’ extended deterrence obligations.

Second, they collectively believe that the United States has time and can wait until the U.S. strategic system is modernized, and that until then an adequate conventional force posture is in place as if the adversary were not acting. I think it will act as a deterrent. In fact, President Xi recently stated the following in a series of speeches at the 20th Party Congress in October and in March 2023. we teeth enemy of china And he said he was determined to conquer Taiwan. It is worth noting that such a statement implies that such an attack would at least include US forces in the region.

Third, the document consistently underestimates the threat posed by China and the speed and scope of its military and political expansion.

Fourth, this document provides a valuable and wasted opportunity to communicate to the world that the United States meets the requirements of extended deterrence by explaining what steps the administration is taking to address serious threats. It became. Each of these documents describes the threat from China and the U.S. strategy to counter and defeat that threat, including nuclear issues in the Nuclear Posture Review, ballistic missile defense in missile defense, hypersonic missile defense, Additional details regarding cruise missile defense may also have been provided. review. Rather, this administration signals weakness, uncertainty, and a lack of strategic focus on threats. As the threat from China increases, the Biden administration is weakening the US military.

Across the Indo-Pacific, Biden’s unrest has alarmed longtime U.S. allies who are waiting for the large-scale U.S. action needed to offset China’s boldness. This summer’s series of visits to China by senior Biden administration officials began as follows. Blinken in June and it contained some really weird stuff Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s bow visit Biden administration climate change envoy John F. Kelly.Finally, the Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo He visited China to save the slumping economy and re-establish “dialogue.”

These visits are unseemly and inappropriate given the Chinese government’s defiant attitude and aggressive actions. Fundamentally, they are an attempt to return to the old system that has governed U.S. China policy for a generation. This was a Kissinger-style engagement, with no downsides to the flow of cooperation, investment, jobs, and knowledge transfers to China as China grew stronger over the years and the United States became relatively weaker and less economically powerful. And as we lost manufacturing and American communities lost their livelihoods, so too did our moral strength.

Finally, there is the opportunity cost of the Biden administration. The wasted opportunities, policy mistakes and missteps have defined the last few years, all of which will persist until at least 2025. Meanwhile, evidence of Chinese Communist Party involvement continues to mount. Leadership is in freefall. Mr. Xi and the Chinese Communist Party face problems that cannot be overshadowed by Mr. Xi’s prominence at international summits. But we are not ready to act.

The problems of the Chinese regime stem from the fundamental cause of communism. Thus, the Chinese communist regime is unjust and suffers from a permanent and insurmountable crisis. The Biden administration now has a historic opportunity to put pressure on the Chinese Communist Party. Rather, they seem determined to miss the opportunity by not taking action. The extent of the damage from Biden’s reckless approach will not be known until he leaves office. It is up to the next president to examine the wreckage and take strong action to return the region to post-World War II and post-Cold War peace and stability.

The years of the Biden administration have taken a heavy toll on the American people. Recovery will require a supreme act of statesmanship.

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