Biden’s urban bureaucracy fails Blacks by ignoring devastating problem

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Marcia Fudge took on the role of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with high expectations. As she said in 2021, “Together we will tackle this country’s housing and homelessness crisis.”

More than two years later, Fudge has produced nothing but failures. Last year, the number of homeless people in the United States set a record with more than 421,000 people, as did the number of chronically homeless people (about 128,000 people), an overall increase of 11%. Homelessness rates have increased in more than 100 cities and states this year, many in Democratic-run urban areas like Boston and Chicago.

Across 20 major U.S. cities surveyed by Bloomberg, the number of families experiencing homelessness jumped nearly 38%. In New York City, under a Democratic administration, the number of homeless people jumped by two-thirds in 2023.

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Where is Fudge now? Apparently, she’s too busy playing the race card and blaming “systemic racism” for the struggles of black people. In her own words, “My house is worth less than the white neighborhood next door.”

HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge was a disaster. File: Mr. Fudge speaks at a WH press conference on March 18, 2021.

Fudge seeks to further the politics of victimhood that Democrats always refrain from when all else fails. Democrats like Fudge cast black people as victims in need of relief from the Biden administration, and said, “We have rooted our movement in the principles of racial equality.” claim.

We value fairness, not equality. Rather than supporting equality of opportunity for blacks, whites, and all Americans, Fudge is only interested in equality of outcome, meeting arbitrary quotas based on skin color. Also, they complain about vague “discrimination” without providing specific examples.

Black people deserve better than to be coddled as victims. Black people deserve better than today’s Democratic Party. By treating yourself like a victim, you are only victimizing yourself.

Despite decades of failed Democratic policies in their communities, Black people who still buy bags of Democratic Party contaminated goods hold themselves accountable for their failures. I’m just letting it go. People like Fudge are nothing but race demagogues who prey on anger and frustration, blaming the white boogeyman to strengthen a power that only serves to weaken the black community.

What Mr. Fudge and other Democrats refuse to discuss publicly is America’s greatest social problem: the fatherlessness epidemic. They say nothing about the roughly 70 percent of black children who enter the world without a father in a married mother’s household, up from 24 percent in 1965.

They ignore the numbers, even though the numbers don’t lie. Children raised without a father are five times more likely to be poor and commit a crime, nine times more likely to drop out of school, and ultimately 20 times more likely to drop out of school. In prison. Even Barack Obama admitted that before he became president and before he too was swallowed up by Al Sharpton and the rest of America’s race-baiting crowd.

If Fudge really cared about black people, he wouldn’t be so passionately in support of abortion, which has killed tens of millions of black babies. Fudge does not support organizations like family planning and its eugenic roots that aimed to limit the black population from the beginning.

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Dating back to the War on Poverty, Democratic policies are killing Black families. The welfare state has encouraged women to marry into the government and men to abdicate their economic and moral responsibilities.

Black people deserve better than to be coddled as victims. Black people deserve better than today’s Democratic Party. By treating yourself like a victim, you are only victimizing yourself.

Separation of work and income, endless government benefits, and black children are forced to grow up without role models, worsening crime problems and making black communities more dangerous than ever.

Fudge’s memo to HUD: We cannot address housing and homelessness without first restoring the concept of “home,” the two-parent household that helps children succeed. Rebuilding the traditional family will finally give black children a chance.


Black children are better prepared to live the American Dream if they have parents who can instill the values ​​of hard work and personal responsibility, as my parents did for my siblings and me. can make it, right.

Until then, don’t expect housing and homelessness to be solved. Without a solution to the problem of fatherlessness, black people don’t have an answer for anything else.

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