Big-Name Cast Members Keep Rolling Into ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1923’

Actor Jerome Flynn has officially joined the cast of “1923,” Taylor Sheridan’s spin-off prequel to his hit series, “Yellowstone.”

Flynn is heading out to Butte, Montana, where the show is currently filming, Deadline reported. His career, though only boasting some 33 credits on his IMDB, is prolific. He most recently starred as roguish mercenary Bronn on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

Deadline reported that Flynn’s character in “1923” is called Banner Creighton, a “hard-headed Scot” and a local leader of shepherds. Little additional information was provided, but we know he’ll be joining Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren and a slew of other huge names in the spin-off series.

On Sept. 16, Deadline reported that Robert Patrick of “Sons of Anarchy,” “Terminator 2” and “The Walking Dead” fame was joining the “1923” cast as Sheriff William McDowell, a friend of the Dutton family. All we know of the prequel’s plot far is that it takes place during the Great Depression, as pandemics and a historic drought sweep through Montana. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Casts Three Faces Many Viewers Have Seen For His New CIA Drama)

From the cast members announced thus far, we can also deduce the potential for a Chief Thomas Rainwater origin story, as Aminah Nieves is playing Teonna Rainwater, a young woman residing in a government-run residential boarding school. The series is set to air on the Paramount Network in December.

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