Bill Kristol’s ‘Republicans for Ukraine’ to Troll Second GOP Debate

The “Republicans for Ukraine” group, led by Never Trump critic Bill Kristol, is in California ahead of the second Republican primary debate to be held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley on September 27th. Planning an election campaign.

of Los Angeles Daily News report Tuesday:

When Republican presidential candidates travel to Southern California next week for debates and state conventions, emerging conservative groups want to make sure their particular theme of support for Ukraine remains a top priority.

In advance of the second debate, an ad was placed on Fox News during the second debate, and a new ” The “Republicans for Ukraine” coalition wants to give California voters “permission” to claim support for Ukraine. Spokesman Gunner Lamar said the United States continues to provide aid to Eastern European countries amid the Russian invasion.

Support for U.S. involvement in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “traditional, conservative values” that embody a “Ronald Reagan-style Republican Party,” he said, leading to a Sept. 27 debate. He cited the origin of the name of the presidential library.

Most Republicans supported efforts to defend Ukraine in the first weeks of the Russian invasion, but afterward many Republicans became dissatisfied with the war effort, which cost billions of dollars, while the U.S. southern border It remains open.

Some presidential candidates have pledged continued aid to Ukraine, while others have advocated cutting off funding to the Ukrainian government amid corruption allegations. Some candidates believe that dialogue is necessary, given the apparent stalemate in the war with neither side making significant progress within Ukraine’s eastern regions.

Last month, Voice of America reported that “Republicans for Ukraine, a project of the larger organization Defending Democracies Together, is led by Republican pollster Sarah Longwell and conservative commentator Bill Kristol. “I am doing so,” he said.

Kristol has been a longtime adversary of President Trump ever since he traded insults with then-Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), 2015.he was once shown He said he would support a military coup against Trump if necessary.

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