Biological men who identify as women take 1st, 2nd place in women’s bike race; finished in same order in race 2 months ago

Two biological men who identify as women take first and second place in the Illinois women’s bike race, replicating the one-two finish achieved by a transgender pair in October’s women’s race. did.

What are the details?

Tessa Johnson, 25, won the women’s single speed division at the Illinois Cyclocross Championships, and Evelyn Williamson, 30, took second place in Sunday’s contest. The New York Post reported.

Johnson and Williamson placed first and second, respectively, in the women’s single speed race at the Chicago Cyclocross Cup on October 7th.

Christine Chalmers, a biological woman, took third place in Sunday’s race. Outkick reportedadded that Alison Zmuda, also a biological woman, placed third in the October race.

What was your reaction?

Many celebrities have expressed their disgust at Johnson and Williamson’s recent finishes.

  • British commentator Piers Morgan: “It’s outrageous.” Said. “Why aren’t more women standing up against this attack on their rights?”
  • “More and more mediocre male bodies are stealing podium spots from female athletes” tennis icon Martina Navratilova Said. “And it stinks!!!”
  • Journalist Megyn Kelly called it “outrageous. ”

anything else?

OutKick added that Johnson and Williamson competed and won the Racing Athletic Relaycross in Chicago in August under the team name TS-Estrodolls.

The newspaper also reported that Williamson was reportedly in a “threesome” with fellow trans cyclist Austin Killips and another person.of daily mailAs quoted by, Williamson described the start of their unconventional relationship as “just very happy”.

According to the newspaper, Williamson added: “We all got along and it just kind of worked out. … We never expected to go on a date together. But it just so happened that it worked out really well for all of us.” . Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail also reported that Killips had become “infamous for shoving competitors during races” and had “banned at least one biological female champion from the competition.”

Below is the New York Post’s video report after the one-two finish between Johnson and Williamson in October.

Transcyclists win gold and silver medals in Chicago women’s

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