Black entrepreneur angry and frustrated at his ‘own people’ for burglaries at vegan shop in Oakland: ‘We all need to step up’

A black entrepreneur is angry and frustrated after his vegan store was robbed by a young black man and is calling on the community to do something about it.

Chef Imani Greer is the owner and CEO of Roasted and Raw, a plant-based restaurant located at 14th Street and Jefferson Street in downtown Oakland. He says the constant robberies threaten to shut down his business.

“That’s what it’s all about: crying, anger, anger, frustration, defeat,” he said. Visit KTVU-TV on tuesday.

He said his store had recently been robbed for the fourth time in just over two years.

“I feel so devastated just because I work so hard every day. Even as a leader, I don’t have time to be sad,” Greer said.

The latest intrusion occurred around 4:30 a.m. Monday.

“A few guys and young guys came in and basically crashed into the glass and just left,” Greer said. “It’s almost a daily routine.”

Before opening a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Oakland, Greer manipulated Business as a pop-up in Jack London Square. He has over 20 years of experience as a chef.

“They… were my people.”

He said the restaurant had just hit record sales in March when it was last robbed.

“Unfortunately, all four of our intruders were young black men. They were my own people, my own people,” Greer continued. “And that’s heartbreaking.”

When asked who is responsible for this situation, he said society needs to look at families and schools.

“This is Oakland’s problem. It’s not City Hall’s fault, it’s everyone’s fault. We all need to step up and do something,” Greer said.

He went on to say that even if he considered leaving downtown, it would be logistically difficult.

“Just because you’ve been burglarized a few times doesn’t mean you can pack up and move out. You’re bound by a rental agreement and if you move out, you have to go to eviction court,” Greer explained. did. .

“Take responsibility for yourself. Grow.”

The business owner provided security video showing the robbers breaking the glass in the door and entering the restaurant.

Greer had a message for criminals who use their personal circumstances as an excuse to steal from others.

“Take responsibility for yourself. Grow up. Just because you were raised a certain way or weren’t raised a certain way, just because you’re from a certain area, we don’t change.” You can,” Greer said.

“We can improve,” he concluded. “There’s work here.”

The interview with Chef Guria follows:

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