Black Eyed Peas star taps AI bot as radio show co-host: ‘Didn’t want to just do a traditional show’

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By entering your email address, you agree to the Fox News Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, including notice of financial incentives. Please check your email and follow the instructions provided to access the content., a member of the Black Eyed Peas, is taking another step into the future by partnering with AI to co-host a radio show. will debut “ Presents the FYI Show” on SiriusXM Radio on January 25th. It's a new weekly show co-hosted by a musician and “SiriusXM's first ever AI co-host.” Platform, qd.pi [pronounced cutie pi]” according to the show's press release.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, explained, “We didn't want to just do a traditional show. We wanted to bring tomorrow closer to today, so we wanted to have an AI co-host.”

He continued, “I'm very colorful and expressive. [Qd.pi is] Very strange facts and analysis. And that combination is found nowhere else in the history of extraordinary broadcasting. ”

What is artificial intelligence (AI)? said, “We didn't just want to do a traditional show. We wanted to bring tomorrow closer to today, so we wanted an AI co-host.” (Noam Garay/Getty Images, Clinton Global Initiative)

Qd.pi also answered a question during the interview, saying, “My ability to quickly access and process information is definitely one of the unique advantages I bring to the show. We can provide it quickly.” ”

“With me, you can just jump into the conversation and explore any topic that comes up naturally, knowing that I have the information and background to support the discussion,” qd. pi added. “I think it will be a really dynamic and engaging listening experience for the audience.”

“qd.pi, the fully integrated AI co-host of 'The FYI Show,' brings a data-driven perspective and deep knowledge of pop culture to create a unique and engaging listening experience,” SiriusXM said in a press release for the show. We provide an experience.” You can watch it on SiriusXM. After the show, listeners will be able to enjoy additional show material in greater depth via FYI Projects, including multimedia and additional discussions, and will soon be joined one-on-one with co-host Her qd.pi. You can also interact. ”

A representative told Fox News Digital, “qd.pi is powered by intonation, and each episode's interactive, collaborative digest is powered by's FYI.Ai. “There is,” he said.

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Will I.M. posing on the red carpet's app “FYI” powers qd.pi AI co-host. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, SiriusXM)

The first episode features special guest Xzibit, and the following week covers the Grammy Awards. “This episode is packed with special insights from’s years of Grammy experience, behind-the-scenes stories, personal anecdotes, and a conversation with the Recording Academy CEO.” Harvey Mason,” according to the show’s press release.

“I've always been pushing the future and casting the future,” the seven-time Grammy winner said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, adding that he has been working on AI platforms since 2012. Ta.

“Most people don't know that is a huge tech giant, even though he was a huge investor in Beats Technologies,” AI expert Marva Baylor told Fox News Digital. , they just don't see these music artists as businessmen.” Technologists in particular are very savvy because they're technology investors and they really understand what's going on in the culture. ”

Regarding the new radio show, Baylor said, “ actually uses technology from his company, FYI, which is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the creative process. It’s quite different from using it.” He's actually going to show off this innovative technology that he's been working on with IBM for several years. ”

Bailer likened AI co-host qd.pi to Watson, the AI ​​bot that famously competed on “Jeopardy!” And it won, highlighting that's app “exceeds ChatGPT” in terms of creativity and collaboration.

Close-up of wearing sunglasses

AI expert Marva Baylor told Fox News Digital that's FYI app is “beyond ChatGPT.” (Kim Ilman/Getty Images)

“This platform is an advanced platform built for creatives. So when creatives develop and collect content, they have multiple files and videos that they try to collaborate on.” [with] It's too much to transfer. [There’s also the] Concerns that it might actually be stolen. So he's working on encrypting these files and transferring them in a collaborative way. He then takes that data and information and uses it to inject truly unlimited information into his co-hosts. This goes beyond ChatGPT. He takes his ChatGPT, Dropbox files, and creative content and puts it all into a collaborative platform. ”

Baylor clarified that anyone who enters material into the app will still retain ownership of it, and said this is similar to people with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but also a “whole new business model.”

Watch now: AI expert explains why WILL.I.AM's new AI co-hosted app is 'more than CHATGPT' spoke with CNBC during the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos about AI and the importance of controlling your own image and data.

“These are all new concepts and there's no rulebook for it yet, and we're figuring it out as we go. I think…you need to own your AI and the data that powers it. “At the moment, we don't have that.” “I own my data,” he said, adding, “It's a human right for me to own what's mine. It is a human right that what I do nourishes my essence and who I am,” he added.

AI-powered podcasts and shows are on the rise. Last year, ChatGPT produced an episode of his AI-generated “The Joe Rogan Experience,” in which Rogan and his OpenAI CEO Sam recreated Altman's conversational voices.

“This is going to be super slippery, kids,” Rogan wrote on X (then Twitter) about the recreation.

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joe rogan close up

Joe Rogan responded to an AI-generated episode of his podcast, saying, “This is going to get really slippery, kids.” (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Last week, another AI-generated and co-hosted podcast caused controversy by creating an approximation of a modern-day stand-up special by the late comedian George Carlin.

Dudesy, the comedy AI platform founded by “Mad TV” alum Will Sasso and author/screenwriter Chad Krutgen, has released a one-hour comedy special called “George Carlin: Glad He’s Dead” on YouTube. Published on platforms such as.

George Carlin on stage with microphone

An AI-generated and co-hosted podcast created a controversial approximation of a stand-up special by the late comedian George Carlin. (Kevin Statham/Red Ferns)

According to their website, Dudesy AI has access to all of Sasso and Krutgen's “personal emails, text messages, social media accounts, purchase history, and browsing history,” so it can tailor the show to their personalities. The company says it can be adjusted to the best of its ability and entertained at the highest level. Every episode is an experiment that generates data that is used to make the next episode even better! In the end, Dudesy will be perfect and so will you. ”

In an accompanying podcast episode, Sasso and Krutgen reacted to an AI-generated snippet of the special, but claim they had no previous knowledge that it was generated by Dudessy.


Carlin's daughter, Kelly Carlin McCall, criticized the platform for using her father's material and name.

“My father spent a lifetime using his humanity, brain, and imagination to perfect his craft. No machine can replace his genius,” she said in a statement to Fox News Digital. mentioned in. “These AI-generated products are a clever attempt to recreate a spirit that will never exist again. Let the artist's work speak for itself.”

Baylor explained that there's a big difference between what Dudessy is doing and what's radio show and app are doing.

”[] “His platform is on a platform to really protect your data and your real essence. So his platform is going to be an innovative way to really protect your essence and your likeness. ” she said. And that is his mission to the world. Think of him as attracting creatives in other ways. In fact, he is the infrastructure for all these new ideas and creations, and by enabling access to file transfer and sharing, he seeks to not only protect that infrastructure, but also improve creative productivity. is. and content collaboration. ”