Black, Hispanic Communities Most Affected by Illegal Immigration

Former President Donald Trump, speaking at a historic rally in the Bronx, said Black and Hispanic communities are the ones most negatively affected by President Joe Biden’s policies, including unlimited illegal immigration.

“Once that bad Joe Biden is out, I’m going to quickly rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world. Look, we had the greatest economy in the history of history. … It doesn’t matter if you’re black or brown or white or what color you are. It doesn’t matter. We’re all Americans. And we’re going to come together as Americans,” Trump told the enthusiastic crowd.

“Gas is down to $1.87. Black Americans and Hispanic Americans have the lowest poverty rate ever. Black Americans and Hispanic Americans have the lowest poverty rate ever, in fact they’re the best they’ve ever been. We’ve lifted 6.6 million people out of poverty,” Trump said, explaining that “this has never been done before.”

Trump told the New York audience that middle-class incomes have risen and the opposite has happened under Biden’s leadership.

“African-American real income is down 5.6 percent. African-Americans are being slaughtered. Hispanic-Americans are being slaughtered. And the biggest impact, the biggest negative impact on the millions of people coming into our country is on black and Hispanic people who are losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing everything they could lose,” Trump said.

“They are the ones who are most affected by what’s going on. And not just because they can’t access their schools, parks and hospitals,” he continued, as the crowd chanted “Build the wall!”

Trump later said that during his presidency, the US “had the most secure border in history,” but noted that Biden had completely botched the process and reversed Trump’s policies.

“Our country has gone to hell because of this. We’ve gone to hell. … This is not sustainable for any country. Right? It’s not sustainable,” he added.