Bob Iger ‘thinks it’s cool to advertise next to child exploitation material’: Elon Musk calls for Disney CEO’s termination

Elon Musk on Thursday shared a series of posts on his social media platform X accusing Iger of supporting child exploitation, adding to his ongoing feud with Disney CEO Bob Iger. fanned the flames.

In an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin at the Dealbook Summit in New York City last week, Musk accused some companies of boycotting X and trying to blackmail the platform and advertisers.

“Please don't advertise,” Musk said bluntly. “If someone's going to blackmail me with an ad, blackmail me with money? Go fuck yourself! Go. Shit. Yourself. Is that obvious? I hope so.”

“Hey, Bob, if you're in the audience…that's how I feel,” Musk added.

Disney, along with many other companies such as IBM, NBCUniversal, and Comcast. We stopped advertising on X.

“What I care about is the reality of good, not the perception of good. And what I see everywhere is people who care about how they look while doing evil,” Musk continued. “They're shit.”

Mr. Iger previously spoke at the same event and said his relationship with X was no longer “positive.”

On Thursday, Musk continued to pursue Iger and demanded that Disney fire the CEO.

Musk shared a meme about X that pokes fun at Iger.

The “Bob Iger” meme featured a photo of comedian Laurel and Hardy laughing. “That's a joke,” Musk added in the post, adding that the Disney CEO “drops more bombs than a B-52.”

“Bob Iger thinks it's cool to run ads next to child exploitation material. A real stand-up guy,” the Tesla CEO wrote in another post. Xmisspelled Eiger's name.

In the post, recent lawsuits The lawsuit was filed against Mehta by the New Mexico Attorney General's Office and accused Facebook and Instagram of exposing children to sexual content.

“Meth has enabled Facebook and Instagram to become marketplaces for predators looking for children to prey on.” stated in the lawsuit.

New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torres said: Zuckerberg and other Meta executives recognize that their products can cause serious harm to young users, but they have made sufficient changes to their platforms to prevent child sexual exploitation. has not been completed. ”

Musk questioned why Iger and his company did not boycott Metaplatform over the allegations.

“Why don't advertisers boycott, Bob Iger?” You're supporting this material! ” he wrote X.

musk I got it. “It's crazy that Disney has to be sued to stop this terrible behavior.”

“He should be fired immediately,” Musk argued. “Walt Disney is trying to repent of what Bob did to his company.''

Disney did not respond to requests for comment. new york post.

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