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About Bodittle

BoDittle is an empowering Christian voice. Starting in 2020, BoDittle has made his way up the ladder bringing light to events that no one ever wants to talk about. Now with 140,000 subscribers on YouTube, he is ready to become a voice for all of TotalNews Nation.

One of the biggest lies told in America today is that all “Churches” are of God. BoDittle is the voice that exposes the false teachings of many of the so called “Churches” in America today. These churches spread lies and blasphemy in the name of Jesus and BoDittle focuses much of his ministry on exposing that in an entertaining manner.

BoDittle knows all about the censorship in todays world, He was banned on the popular video platform TikTok at 1.3 million followers and at 800,000 followers. TotalNews provides security for free speech, you never have to fear a video or article going off this platform.

Despite the big tech leaders fighting against him, BoDittle is committed to getting his message across to everyone. Mark 16:15 states to go into the world and preach the gospel all across the nation and that is exactly what this young star plans to do.

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