Bodycam footage shows Ohio police finding grisly aftermath of Walmart mass shooting

Police in Ohio have released body camera footage of the SWAT response to a shooting at a local Walmart and the discovery of the shooter’s body.

Beavercreek Police say Benjamin Charles Jones, 20, of Dayton, opened fire inside the store around 8:30 p.m. Monday, firing several random shots from a High Point .45 carbine long gun, striking a woman. Three people and one man were injured. Department.

Panic-filled body camera footage shows responding officers entering the store with guns drawn and slowly moving past Christmas decorations as they search for the suspect.

Suspected Ohio Walmart shooter injures 4 people before committing suicide: Police

Benjamin Jones, 20, of Dayton, reportedly shot and killed four Walmart shoppers in Beavercreek, Ohio, on Monday night before turning the gun on himself. (Beavercreek Police Department)

They eventually found Jones dead in the store’s visitor center from an “apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

In the video, one officer can be heard saying into his radio, “Okay, we’ve got the shooter.”

Police could not determine how many shots Jones fired before he turned the gun on himself, but witness Alisha Ring said she heard about 10 gunshots after Jones walked right by her. He said he heard.

“I was literally just shopping for Thanksgiving stuff when this guy walked past me with an assault rifle and started shooting,” Ring said in the article. Tears Facebook Live Video From the store’s parking lot. “He fired about 10 times and I don’t even know how many more shots he fired after that. I just know that I’m very lucky to be alive right now. He literally walked right past me…people. How does it do something like this?”

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Ring said Jones, a “tall, skinny white man,” began firing a gun in the store’s freezer section, at which point she ran toward the nearest exit.

Of Jones’ four victims, three are in stable condition and one remains in critical condition, Beavercreek Police Department officials told FOX News Digital. The ministry declined to comment further at the time of publication.

Since the shooting, the man’s pickup truck has been towed from the store’s parking lot, police said. new york postis being searched along with Jones’ home.

Beaver Creek Police use body cameras in Walmart shooting

On Monday, police officers were seen responding to a 911 call of a gunman at the Beavercreek Walmart. (Beavercreek Police Department / BODY CAMS+ /TMX)

Now, around Wednesday’s announcement from the department regarding XThe FBI’s Cincinnati field office is seeking more information about the 20-year-old.

Zlinka Dilbar, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Cincinnati FBI Field Office, said: WLWT The agency is investigating the suspect’s background to determine potential motives and whether Jones had a relationship with any of the victims.

A source told the New York Post that Jones has been hospitalized for 72-hour mental health evaluations three times in the past three years, both voluntarily and involuntarily.

If this claim is true, it is unclear how Jones obtained the weapon. Under federal law, people who are involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital cannot legally purchase firearms.

Beavercreek police body camera footage

When he and another officer came across Jones’ body in the store’s visitor center, the officer can be heard saying into a handheld radio, “Okay, we’ve got the shooter.” (Beavercreek Police Department / BODY CAMS+ /TMX)

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“Warning signs and red flags were in place,” officials said Tuesday. “He started talking about right-wing conspiracy theories, the Holocaust never happened, white supremacy, etc.”

Sources told the outlet that Jones was “not social” and was attending an online Christian school. Officials said Jones had a Nazi flag on the wall behind his bed.

4 injured, 1 killed in law enforcement attack outside Walmart, Ohio

Ohio Walmart shooting scene (Related news organizations)

This is the second shooting at Walmart this week. An Alaskan man and woman were shot and killed as they entered the Anchorage location.


Walmart released a statement following Monday’s shooting.

“Following Monday’s tragedy at our Beavercreek store, we remain focused on supporting the health of our employees. We have been in discussions with our employees regarding when to reopen our store and resume serving customers. “We received overwhelming feedback that we should do this as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said. He said.



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