Boeing Identifies New Problems With Fuselage Of Flagship 737 Aircraft

Boeing has struggled over the past year with problems with its Starplane.

new york:

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced on Sunday that it has discovered a new problem with the fuselage of its flagship 737 aircraft. Although the problem does not pose an immediate risk to flight, it will require “rework” on dozens of planes.

“Last Thursday, we received notice from a supplier that some of our 737s were nonconforming,” Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Diehl said in a statement to employees. ” he said.

Diehl said an employee at the supplier “reported to his supervisor that the two holes may not have met our exact requirements.”

“While this potential situation does not pose an immediate flight safety issue and all 737s can safely continue to operate, we currently believe that approximately 50 undelivered aircraft will require rework. ”, the issue “could cause short-term 737 delivery delays.”

Deal said this was the “only course of action” to provide customers with the perfect aircraft.

Boeing has struggled over the past year with problems with its flagship 737 MAX, culminating in a major in-flight safety incident on Alaska Airlines in early January that prompted regulators to A thorough investigation was launched by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Diehl said in the letter that employees have submitted more than 1,000 improvement suggestions since a series of training events following the Jan. 5 incident.

Diehl said some are already being considered, such as processes to facilitate the purchase of new tools and ease access to certain parts of the plane.

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