Boston man wanted for allegedly opening fire at man he feuded with in front of pastry shop arrested: police

A Boston restaurateur who was being searched by police for allegedly shooting a man in front of a pastry shop last week was arrested Friday by the Boston Police Fugitive Squad.

Patrick Mendoza, 54, was indicted in Boston City Court on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon (gun), assault with a dangerous weapon and assault, and assault and assault, according to a statement released by police. He was ordered to be held without bail, according to Fox affiliates. Boston 25.

On July 12, Monica’s Trattoria partner Mendoza allegedly rode his bicycle to a modern pastry shop on Hanover Street in Boston and opened fire, according to the news station. A warrant for his arrest was issued, and after an eight-day search, he was eventually taken into custody.

Patrick Mendoza, co-owner of Monica’s Trattoria, allegedly rode his bicycle to Modern Pastry on Hanover Street in Boston and opened fire on July 12. (Boston Police Department/Google Maps)

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The Boston Herald reported that Mendoza had a feud with the alleged shooter and was reportedly on probation for assault conviction by the man, adding that his probation should have ended on the day of the alleged shooting. It also reportedly has at least two court records of cases involving the man who allegedly lived above the pastry shop.

Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Daniel Nucci said in court on Friday, “He’s had previous cases and had had previous fights and found this guy. He was actually on probation the day the shooting happened,” the Boston 25 reported. “He fired a few shots at this person and said, ‘It’s over in a minute. I’m going to kill you.'” Luckily, the bullet didn’t hit him, but it did hit Modern Pastry’s window. ”

court and gavel

Inside the court where you can see the gavel. (St. Petersburg)

An eyewitness to the shooting told police it was like the “old west,” the Herald reported.

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“Mendoza started swearing at him, started yelling, started calling. [expletive]’, one of the witnesses told police, reported Boston 25.

Another witness claimed to have said, “I’m going to kill your mom (expletive)! It’ll be over soon,” according to the Herald.

The alleged victim said he fled behind a parked Jeep after hearing two gunshots, claiming “one shot missed and struck the Modern Pastry windshield,” the Herald reported. After Mendoza escaped, he said he fled “for his life” until police were found.


Assistant District Attorney Daniel Nucci said the federal government is seeking Mendoza’s detention and will request a hearing as soon as possible.

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