Boston traffic disrupted after climate activists block roadway

Climate change activists briefly disrupted the morning commute in Boston on Thursday to pressure the governor to ban fossil fuel infrastructure.

A 15-minute protest blocked the road outside the South Station Transportation Center in downtown Boston. Boston police said an arrest had been made but did not provide further details.

The group Extinction Rebellion Boston said in a statement that about 35 activists are calling on Gov. Maura Healey to ban all fossil fuel infrastructure and that anyone who opposes new infrastructure should be able to protect state institutions, including energy facilities. The government announced that it had requested that the government announce a policy of appointing only those who are Siting Committee and Department of Public Works. They also want Mr. Healey to work with the state Legislature on legislation that would ban fossil fuel infrastructure in the state.

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Protests in Boston, Massachusetts, shut down downtown streets for 15 minutes during the Thursday morning commute.

The group is calling for a ban on coal, oil and natural gas-fired power plants and a ban on new residential or commercial gas connections. It also calls for a ban on new airports, gas stations, liquefied gas storage and production facilities, natural gas distribution pipelines, water pipelines and compressor stations.

“We don’t understand why the governor and climate chief are not taking the first steps to address the climate emergency,” Extinction Rebellion Boston organizer and spokesperson Alex Chambers said in a statement. said. “As a young person, my future all depends on the government taking action this decade, rather than waiting until 2050. Do the right thing. Introduce a ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure. please.”


A spokesperson for Healy did not respond to a request for comment.

Mr. Healy has listed climate change as one of his top priorities. In January, she created the position of director of climate change and established the Office of Climate Innovation and Resilience in the governor’s office. In June, she launched what she calls the nation’s first “green bank dedicated to affordable housing,” aiming to connect two important issues in the state.

And on Thursday, Mr. Healey was scheduled to sign an executive order making Massachusetts the first state to ban state officials from purchasing single-use plastic bottles.

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