Brain teaser: Can you find the 3 ghosts hidden among the pandas?

A graphic artist is testing everyone’s attention to detail with a digital hidden object brain teaser that will get you in the Halloween spirit.

Gergely Dudash from Budapest, Hungary shared his vacation visual puzzle Fox News Digital features three hidden ghosts among a group of pandas.

This “Bootiful” cartoon features a bunch of furry black and white pandas that seem to be in the Halloween spirit.

There are three hidden ghosts inside the panda.

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Gergely Dudas, a graphic artist from Budapest, Hungary, drew a picture of three ghosts hiding inside a bewildered panda. Can you find all three? (Gergely Dudas)

Some pandas are showing their Halloween pride by holding jack-o-lanterns, while others are wearing witch hats.

Dudas posted a Halloween-inspired find on social media Last October.

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On Facebook, the artist’s spooky puzzles Over 1,600 reactions were generated; At the time of publication, there are 146 comments and 398 shares. This puzzle received 2,181 likes on Instagram.

“Wow, I found all 3 in less than a minute! That’s a record time for me lol,” one Facebook user claimed.

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Another Facebook user wrote: “Once you see it, it’s painfully noticeable.”

“3/3 but it took a while,” another Facebook user admitted.

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Dudas is cartoonists and artists He has published numerous illustrated books, including “Bear’s Springtime Book of Hidden Things” and “Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things: Christmas Seek-and-Find: A Christmas Holiday Book for Kids.”

Gergely Dudas mugshot

Gergely Dudás, a graphic artist from Budapest, Hungary, shared multiple hidden object puzzles with Fox News Digital. can you solve the puzzle? (Gergely Dudas)

Dudas Search and find artwork Brain teasers are also incorporated into miniature prints and other products.

He shares other brain teasers and math puzzles with his thousands of loyal followers on social media. On Facebook he has over 168,000 followers, on Instagram he has over 49,100 followers, on X he has over 8,300 followers and on Pinterest he has hundreds of followers.

Need help identifying a ghost?


See the answer on Dudás’ website:

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