Brandel Chamblee drops ‘murderous dictator’ take on LIV Golf amid Phil Mickelson beef

Golf Channel analyst Blundell Chambry was not one to speak out on the subject of the Saudi-backed LIV golf tour. On Wednesday, he took to Twitter again, this time with very bold words.

He cited and included a Politico article detailing some of the LIV’s ties to Saudi Arabia.

“As I have said many times, LIV Golf is not so much a sports organization as MBS/Saudi Arabia trying to cover up their atrocities and clean their reputation by buying sports stars. Doing or agreeing is a deal with a murderous dictator,” he tweeted.

Chamblee and future Hall of Famer and current LIV golfer Phil Mickelson recently exchanged insults online. It got so intense Chamblee blocked Mickelson on Twitter.

Controversial talk about LIV Golf has reached a climax recently after Brooks Koepka won the 105th PGA Championship in less than two weeks. A member of the LIV Golf Tour, Koepka became the first member of the tour’s history to win a major championship.

This has sparked debate over whether Koepka and other LIV golfers are eligible to compete in this fall’s Ryder Cup.

World No. 1 Scotty Schaeffler was the first to step forward to endorse Koepka’s candidacy for Team USA. Jon Rahm, who shares the top spot in the Official World Golf Rankings with Schaeffler, has doubled down on that sentiment.

Earlier Wednesday, Rory McIlroy, perhaps the biggest face in the sport after Tiger Woods, made his position clear. He said he believes it should be based solely on merit and believes Koepka has earned the right to do so. But he believes none of the LIV golfers joining Team Europe should be in the Ryder Cup.

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