Brandon Nimmo robs Phillies of a homer with ridiculous catch

Aaron Judge isn’t the only city game.

A day after the Yankees outfielder robbed the home run against the Mariners, Mets center fielder Brandon Nimo hit his own web gem.

Nemo sprinted into the wall of left-center field and nailed a long ball from Nick Castellanos in the bottom of the fourth to tie the Mets and Phillies 0-0.

Brandon Nimo hit a home run off Nick Castellanos.
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The dynamic Mets outfielder had a big smile and a powerful fist pump as he landed with the ball at Citi Field.

Kodai Senga put his hands on his head in disbelief at the defensive effort, even though his 0-1 pitch to Castellanos looked like a failure.

Nemo’s catch and subsequent fist pump was reminiscent of the grab that stopped Dodgers slugger Justin Turner’s tie-breaker against the Dodgers on August 31 last year.

Mets' Kodai Senga reacts after Brandon Nimo catch
Kodai Senga looked incredulous after Nemo’s catch.

New York Mets' No. 9 Brandon Nimo reacts after catching a hit by Philadelphia Phillies' Nick Castellanos
Nemo did the first pump, hooked the highlight reel, and then let out a scream.
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“What a play,” Manager Buck Showalter said of his struggles in 2022. “One of the questions I ask when I look at minor league players is can they turn a hit into an out? I never ask if they can turn a home run into an out. maybe I should.”

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