Brazilian Man Rams Lamborghini Into Thief Who Stole His Rolex At Gunpoint

The Lamborghini suffered major damage in this accident.

A man rammed his Lamborghini into a robbery in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo and stole a Rolex watch at gunpoint.according to CNN Brazil, the incident occurred on Saturday, May 18th, in the upscale area of ​​Calle Brigadeiro Faria Lima. A video of the incident appeared on social media and was widely circulated. The clip shows a green Lamborghini speeding towards the suspect’s two-wheeler and attempting to flee. However, the thief escaped.

Watch the video:

The outlet said: The driver of the Lamborghini was stopped at a traffic light when he was approached by the suspect on a motorcycle. He forcibly took the luxury watch and tried to flee the scene.

As seen in the video, traffic soon started moving and the driver of the Lamborghini decided to chase the man on two wheels. The car is seen speeding up in an attempt to catch the fleeing biker.

When the robber attempted to make an illegal left turn, the enraged Lamborghini owner stepped on the gas and rammed into the motorcycle.

The supercar then crashed into a telephone pole, causing the traffic light to fall to the ground.

Fortunately, the robber survived and was seen quickly getting back on his feet and sprinting away from the accident scene, abandoning the wrecked motorcycle.

brazil outlet metropole The watch is worth 200,000 Brazilian reals ($40,000, 3.2 million rupees) and the man suspected of stealing it has been identified, the statement said.

The newspaper quoted local police as saying that the man lived in Taboao da Serra and was using a motorcycle registered in his mother’s name.

When he fled the scene of the accident, he left behind the .32 caliber revolver used in the robbery and a cell phone, which helped investigators identify him.