Bret Giroir to Newsmax: Gottlieb Censoring Natural Immunity Is a Bad Look

Former Acting FDA Commissioner, Dr. Brett Giroir, told Newsmax on Saturday that, while he can’t prove anything, it is not a good look when Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner who sits on Pfizer’s board, calls for the censorship of natural immunity.

In late August 2021, Giroir, who served as former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 testing czar, tweeted, “It’s now clear #COVID19 natural immunity is superior to #vaccine immunity, by ALOT.” He then urged Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and President Joe Biden to “follow the science,” before adding, “If no previous infection? Get vaccinated!”

On Monday, journalist Alex Berenson revealed that Gottlieb lobbied Twitter for the censorship of Giroir’s tweet about natural immunity.

Speaking on “Wake Up America” on Berenson’s reporting in the “Twitter Files Part 13,” Giroir said, “I think people on social media have their own political — and I believe sometimes economic — agendas that really drives the discourse.

“From my tweet, it was very obvious that natural immunity was as good as vaccine immunity last summer. And I wasn’t arguing against vaccines at all. I’m very pro-vaccine. But what I was stating is that if you can show you’ve been infected, there is no scientific basis to be discriminated against … It’s disgraceful to do that, and that was censored.”

“And what really came out of the ‘Twitter File[s],'” Giroir continued, “is the person who forced the censoring or instigated this censoring was Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner. And again, I don’t know his motives. But he is on the board of Pfizer, who’s making hundreds of billions of dollars on the vaccine; and Scott himself is publicly known that he makes over $300,000 a year in salary, and I bet has millions in options. And that just doesn’t look good when a person in the corporate world who has the potential to profit is censoring a former also acting FDA commissioner.”

In his book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes: “Fauci played a historic role as the leading architect of agency capture — the corporate seizure of America’s public health agencies by the pharmaceutical industry.” Kennedy goes on to outline that rather than public health agencies serving as a check of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry has become a “subsidiary” of the public health agencies, or vice versa.


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