Brett Maher’s missed extra points made history in a bad way for the Cowboys

The NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus dallas cowboys We want something historic for Wild Card weekend Monday Night Football. Ma has been honored.

Maher attempted to double the score four times in a row. It may come as no surprise that he has never had three consecutive misses in NFL playoff history, but it is also the first time in NFL history that he has.

Early in the third quarter, Maher was added to his history with his fourth mistake.

The Manning brothers were in disbelief when Maher missed the third extra.

Dallas was leading 18-0 heading into halftime, but Dak Prescott was clearly upset by Maher’s third mistake.

After Dallas scored in the third quarter, many were surprised when Mike McCarthy forced Maher out for another extra point attempt. .

Maher has missed three extra points all season, including his only attempt against the Washington Commanders in Week 18. He also missed just three field goals all year.

He missed out on five straight points between Week 18 and tonight’s Wild Card game.

The mistake is so bad that Dallas is in danger of running out of balls for future kicks.

Finally, Maher was given a fifth chance and made the most of it. After a fourth touchdown reception by CeeDee Lamb, Maher knocked her extra point through the uprights to push the score to 31-6.

Maher’s job could be in jeopardy if the Cowboys maintain a large lead going into the divisional rounds. Four points may not change the outcome of today’s match, but it is unlikely that similar errors will occur in the future.

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